10 Best Sway Barbecue of 2019

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Swivel grill guide

While some hard-boiled people start grilling when the temperature is still below 10 degrees, the first warm days of sunshine open the general barbecue season. In order to fry all the different sorts of meat as well as fish and vegetables, the appropriate grill is needed. Each Grillmaster prefers a different type of grill. During the one his roast on an electric or gas Grillsizzles, the other prefers the traditional way with charcoalgrilling. For this he is the normal charcoal grillin different versions as well as the Sway Barbecue to disposal.
Barbecuing is not only about the delicious food in the foreground, but also the sociability, when grilled in a larger circle with family and friends.
Of the Sway Barbecue is a very special way to prepare his roast. In the following text we would like to inform you about some important things regarding the swing grills.

The original one Sway Barbecue has been around for a very long time

If you make a journey through museums, castles or old castles, you will always come across the traditional way of the swing grill. In almost every one fireplaceof these objects you will discover a tripod that was used centuries ago to cooking pots. kettleor grille.
Also in old films one can admire again and again how the emigrants cooked their meals in the promised land by means of a tripod. However, at those times you did not know how to grill on charcoal. It used to be the Fireplacesimply operated with different types of wood. Today, swing grills are partly still operated as they were centuries ago. Only those who are afraid to open fire under their flesh buy theirs Sway Barbecue with a fire Pit, In this fire bowl then the charcoal is ignited.

So are pivoting grills built

Of the Sway Barbecue different from other barbecues due to its exceptional design. By their very design, swing grills are the highlight of the garden design.
Basically, any handy handyman could build his own swing grill, because it consists of a fairly simple design. It is not for nothing that this type of grill is called a „tripod“, with its three legs placed over the hearth so that each part of the food hangs above the embers to be lit. to serve the charcoal.
Depending on the model, a chain is mounted on the tripod, which can be varied in height by the grille attached to the chain can be moved. The chain is either locked on a roll or attached by means of a clamping device to one of the three legs.
The other variant is a fire bowl on legs, on which one arcis fixed, which receives at its upper point the chain for the grill grid. Also, this chain is variable in height, so that the food to be grilled always as close as possible or as far away from the fire as necessary can hang. In both cases, it should be noted that the hearth has about the same extent as the grill grid, so that the entire food can cook evenly.
If one does not take the charcoal that is usual today as a furnace for his swiveling grill, but runs an open hearth with wood, this also creates a certain campfire romance. Firstly, the heat development can be controlled very well with the corresponding type of wood, and secondly, the grilled food gets a very special aroma due to the resulting smoke.

Reduce the use of a swing grill on the garden

Due to its size and its space requirement, the swivel grill is not suitable for barbecues on balconies or on the terrace. The width of the garden is much better, because there is enough space around the barbecue. This is especially true when swing grills are operated with open fire.
It should also be noted that it is not allowed in any community to operate open fires. For this you should obtain information before the barbecue information at the Ordnungsamt your community. If the barbecue pleasure is not registered or not allowed, this can be very expensive for the operator of the open fire. Important when operating any barbecue is a fire extinguisher or at least one bucketWater or the garden hoseto have at hand.
Since the grill grille can be opened or lowered by means of the chain, you are able to choose the best temperature at any time. So every piece of meat is cooked evenly and remains juicy and tender.

Advantages of a swing grill compared to other models

In the rating of the grills, the grill is at the top of many grills. This is largely due to the fact that when grilling on swing grills to create a different flavor than other grill models. What is absolutely true is that it is possible with the lowerable grill grille to always expose the food to the best temperature. Depending on the state of the food, the meat can be placed higher or lower above the embers.
Advantages of the tripod:
– The grilled food gets a better flavor, especially when grilling over an open fire with the right kind of wood.
– The grill grate is pivotable over the embers.
– The risk of burning is significantly reduced.
– With a swing grill, a large amount of meat, vegetables or fish can be grilled quickly.

What material consists of the swing grill

Of course, a swing grill must be made of materials that on the one hand withstand the heat while grilling, on the other hand also withstand the weather.
The material composition differs depending on the model and manufacturer. While in the upper price segment certainly many parts of the tripod barbecue made of stainless steel, this is not urgently necessary.
In popular swing grills, most tripods, that is the feet of the grill, are made of treated steel. Specially designed grills feature a wrought iron tripod. On some models, the feet are powder coated for longer life.
The chains and suspensions are made of stainless steel or chromed or galvanized steel. If they are also guided over rollers, they usually consist of the same material.
The fire resistance of the fire bowls is a very important aspect. For this reason, there are many cast iron fire bowls. Since this material is known to be very heavy, other models have steel fire bowls which are powder coated to protect against corrosion and heat.
If the swing grill consists of a fire bowl standing on the ground with a curved grill arm, the grill arm can be made of stainless steel as well as treated steel.
The grill grids differ depending on the model in chromed steel mesh, stainless steel mesh or cheaper models simple steel mesh.

The pure barbecue pleasure

With the onset of the warm season, the charcoal fires glow again in many gardens. If you like it especially romantic, you can create your campfire romance with a swing grill. This can be operated not only by means of a fire bowl with charcoal, but also with wood and thus open flame.
For the supposedly better taste of the grilled food wood species such as oak or nail shrubs should not be used. Beech or birch logs are much better here. These woods enhance the aroma of the meat through their spicy smoke.
Compared to any other grill has a swing grill the advantage that the food is cooked more evenly and gets by the pivoting of the grid a better flavor. In addition, the variable height adjustment of the grill grille prevents the meat from burning.
If the heat is too high, the grill grid with the chain
is simply pulled a little higher. Other grill models usually have only one adjustable to two or three variants height adjustment. In addition, the grille must be touched in these models and set higher by hand.

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