10 Best Sand filter of 2019

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  • High-performance top-mount sand filter for above-ground...
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  • 12 in. corrosion proof filter tank holds 42 lbs. of sand
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  • Lawn & Patio
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  • For above-ground pools up to 10,000 gallons
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  • 175lbs Sand capacity; Max Suction 34.5ft
  • 1 HP Self-Priming Pump 4500GPH
  • 115V 60HZ 8.8AMP

Sand filter system guide

A separate one Swimming poolor a beautiful pond in the garden. More and more people are not just dreaming about it, they are making this dream come true. But with the completion of the pond or the procurement of a swimming pool alone, it is not enough. There is more to it. Among other things, a permanent and regular maintenance and care, as well as keeping the water clean. In most cases, a circulation pump including a built-in filter is included in the installation pools. The disadvantage of this is that these paper filters are very quickly polluted and must be replaced after a few days. This can be quite expensive. Another solution for cleaning the water in the garden pond or in the swimming pool is the procurement of a Sand filter ,

What is a Sand filter and how do they work?

With the help of a Sand filter Not only does it filter impurities out of the water, it also keeps the water constantly in motion. If you add the right water treatment to the whole, you have a pleasant water quality in the swimming pool or garden pond. The Sand filter in itself consists of a Sandfilterkessel, a pool pump, a filter medium and a multi-way valve.
With these components, the filtration and treatment of the water takes place in a few steps:
1. With the pool pump, the water is sucked in via the floor drain and / or the skimmer. If this is a self-priming pool pump, it has a pre-filter housing with a strainer basket to catch coarse stones and protect the pump from damage. This self-priming pool pump can be set up at any time below the water level.
In normal-sucking pool pumps, the water flows directly through the pump, causing coarse stones to get into the pump where they either block or cause damage.
2. The pool pump pumps the water into the multi-way valve. This works in a similar way to a road intersection and, depending on the setting, directs the water into the filter vessel, the sewer or into the sewer poolcontinue.
3. Dirt particles and impurities remain in the filter bowl in the special filter quartz sand located in it. Important when buying this filter sand is to pay attention to the manufacturer’s information. If this filter sand is too coarse, no dirt will stick to it and will flow back into the pool.
4. The water is then pumped back into the swimming pool via the multi-way valve and the pipe connected to it.

These points should be considered when buying a Sand filter get noticed:

1. Filter performance: In order to be able to determine the filter capacity, one should calculate the capacity in the pool, if possible in liters and cubic meters. The indication of the filter performance of a sand filter system is in cubic meters. The following rule of thumb applies: The filter can filter the entire volume of a swimming pool every four hours. Thus, for example, For a swimming pool with a water volume of 16 cubic meters, a filter with a capacity of four cubic meters per hour. Important in the purchase is also the right pump. In this example, with the filter capacity of four cubic meters per hour, the water pump should deliver an output of 4000 liters per hour.
2. Sand filter system or only sand filter? When buying, you should already be aware of whether only a sand filter is needed or a complete sand filter system. If the delivery of the swimming pool includes a water pump including connection material, then only the sand filter is needed. If none of this is available, there are already in the shop offered complete sand filter systems for all sizes of swimming pools.
3. Fixed installation or better mobile filters?
Mobile filter systems are suitable for swimming pools, which are only set up for the summer season.
For permanent swimming pools, the sand filter systems are permanently installed in the equipment shaft.
Here, however, the following factors should be considered:
– Does the sand filter system have the right size for the device shaft?
– Is the pump suitable for the installation site?
– Is the sand filter system suitable for the piping?

Even if cartridges are included with smaller pools, they are more suitable for the early days, as they clog and pollute very quickly. However, a filter medium can remain in the filter vessel for up to three years without being replaced. In addition, a sand filter system is the heart of a swimming pool, especially since only then and in combination with the right pool care products, a professional filtration of the water is possible. The purchase of a sand filter plant is worthwhile once and for all.

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