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  • Use every time you plant trees, shrubs, roses, annuals and...
  • Stimulates early root formation and stronger root...
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Root stimulator guide

Root stimulators or root activators can accelerate the growth of plants, because the release of vegetable hormones such as algae flour stimulates the growth of the roots. There are root stimulators in liquid form, as powder or gel.

How to properly administer root stimulators
The use of root stimulators is carried out according to the dosage form and according to the enclosed operating instructions. Often an increase of plants by cuttings is sought, because this has certain advantages. On the one hand, the propagation of cuttings does not take as long as a breeding of seeds, on the other hand, the growth of the young plant is also usually easier and faster. Plants grown from cuttings are usually not as susceptible to disease. In addition, eliminates a pollination of the flowers to pull seeds. For some years, we also know that when propagated by cuttings, the entire genetic material of the mother plant is passed on to the young plant. This is not the case with seed breeding. So, for example, if you want to grow medicinal herbs or fruit plants, you should resort to propagation through cuttings to preserve the valuable ingredients of the plant in question. And early and proper treatment with root stimulators further enhances this effect.

The use of powder
The use of root stimulators in the form of powder is quite simple. The product from the seaweed Ecklonia maxima contains as ingredients amino acid. vitaminsand minerals, as well as auxin and cytokinin. The substrate is easily planted under the earthmixed and accelerated in this way the rooting and growth.

liquid rootstimulator
Often, the root stimulant can be mixed with the irrigation water and then cast the cuttings with it. However, it is important to pay attention to the correct dosage, because a lot of root stimulant does not mean much rooting. On the contrary, a wrong dosage not only inhibits growth, but can even be harmful to the plant.

Root stimulators as a gel
The use of gel-containing root stimulators requires a little more effort. In this case, the offshoot is first rinsed once to prevent contamination of the Geels. Thereafter, the relevant parts, ie for example the interface, are immersed in the gel for about 2 minutes. Wetting the interface with the gel additionally prevents the penetration of harmful germs. Immediately thereafter, the cuttings should be planted to achieve the highest possible result. Root growth usually begins within a week or so, depending on the species, sooner or later.

Create root stimulators yourself
Our ancestors also knew about the benefits of a stimulator for the plants. When they could not be bought, they had no choice but to manage naturally. Certain plants are still known to quickly take root. For example, the pasture. Anyone who has ever put willow twigs into a vase for Easter has been able to convince themselves of the rapid and lush formation of roots and their growth. Even small pieces of willow twigs that are accidentally left in the garden quickly regrow and grow. Because the pasture has natural ingredients that accelerate growth. This can be beneficial and produce root stimulators themselves, by soaking small sections (about 3 cm in length) of freshly cut willow in water overnight and then used it as irrigation water. For a better solution of the ingredients, the sections can also be squeezed. That can by means of hammeror pliers done.

Special stimulators are a great way to accelerate the formation of roots and their growth. It also helps to make the plants more resistant to disease.

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