10 Best roof shingles of 2018

  • Pack contains 12-jumbo shingles that measure 48 in. W. X...
  • About 2-boxes of ONDURA fasteners needed per pack
  • Measure ridge and eave length to determine how many ridge...
  • Dollhouse Miniature
  • Toy
  • Alessio Miniatures
  • G (1:24) scale
  • 12 x 7 inch (300 x 175mm) sheets (not individual shingles)
  • United States
  • Dollhouse Miniature 1:12 Scale Asphalt Shingles
  • Dollhouse Miniature 1:12 Scale Roofing
  • Toy
  • Unfinished Octagon Dollhouse Shingles
  • Toy
  • Houseworks
  • Pack contains 12-jumbo shingles that measure 48 in. W. X...
  • About 2-boxes of ONDURA fasteners needed per pack
  • Measure ridge and eave length to determine how many ridge...
  • Western Red Cedar Shingle
  • 18" long and 3" to 8" wide shingles
  • 3/8" to 7/16" thick on the butt end and tapers to 1/8"...
  • Unless specifically noted this item is 1 inch scale. Our...
  • Our products are not toys meant for children under age of...
  • Listing includes 3-Scale Wallet Ruler Shown In Photo For...

Roof shingles guide

Roof shingles can be fixed on different roofs. They are suitable both for the cladding of walls and for the roofing of roofs. In direct comparison to the roof tiles are the roof shingles lighter and do not need a strong substructure. They protect the roofs from the ingress of moisture and also have an attractive appearance. The roof shingles differ significantly from each other due to the materials used, the shape and the properties. Due to the large selection of different products many buyers have a hard time choosing.

Great choice roof shingles

In the trade, the roof shingles offered in many different shapes and materials and this does not make it easy for buyers. In the past mainly wooden shingles were used and these enjoy in the present time again a great popularity. In addition, the roof shingles made of slate, granite, copper aluminum or bitumen. The classic shingles have a rectangular and elongated shape and are either tapered or rounded on the short side. Of course, there are roof shingles in special shapes, such as rectangular, round or very small shingles. In addition, buyers have the choice between many different colors. In contrast to the material, both the shape and the color of the shingles are a matter of taste. Roof shingles made of wood are very common and have a very good price-performance ratio. They are made of many of the native woods, are less fire resistant and are fixed to a better grip with crossbars or stones. Shingles made of slate are completely weather-resistant and almost fireproof. The roofs can not rot and do not need maintenance. Roof shingles made of aluminum are often used for larger roofs. These are not as pretty as shingles made of wood, clay or slate, but cost in direct comparison less money. Therefore, they are used in many commercial objects. A particularly inexpensive and reliable solution are shingles made of bitumen. The bitumen shingles are offered in the trade in a large selection and are also ideal for laying yourself for experienced home improvement. Shingles made of bitumen have a shorter lifespan compared to clay or copper shingles. After about 20 to a maximum of 25 years, the shingles have to be replaced. This should consider buyers considering the low purchase price of bitumen shingles.

What should buyers pay attention to?

The shingles should fit on the one hand to the roof and on the other hand meet the taste of the homeowner. Buyers have a choice of many different materials, shapes and colors. The existing materials differ significantly from one another in terms of appearance and have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, shoppers should take enough time to study the benefits and disadvantages of the different variants. Classic roof shingles made of wood have a timeless look and convince with a very good price-performance ratio. They sometimes have to be fixed and are not fireproof. Shingles made of slate and clay have an appealing look and fit on almost every roof. Shingles made of slate are a bit more expensive, but they do not bother with fire or the weather. In addition, the buyers save the maintenance costs. A particularly inexpensive and reliable variant are shingles made of aluminum. If the optics are not so important, you will get sturdy shingles at a reasonable price. Another option is the modern shingles made of bitumen. If the buyers have enough craftsmanship, they can even lay the shingles themselves and save a lot of money compared to a professional installation. In combination with the low purchase price, the shingles made of bitumen are probably the cheapest solution for the roof.

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