10 Best Plant Table of 2019

  • Easy assembly tools provided
  • Beautiful espresso woodgrain finish
  • Great to use in hallways and living rooms
  • Indoor and outdoor Flower Stands: 6 layers of exhibition...
  • Simple and practical design: there is room for natural...
  • Natural wood: the bonsai booth is made of pine wood, the...
  • Transitional style
  • 24 by 12 by 24-Inch high
  • Easy assembly
  • ★ Size:11.81*11.42 inch; 11.02*9.45 inch; 10.23*7.48 inch;...
  • ★ **Attention:Please keep the flower pot in the middle of...
  • ★ You could place the planter in your front door or your...
  • Transitional style
  • 24 by 12 by 24-Inch high
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy assembly tools provided
  • Beautiful espresso woodgrain finish
  • Great to use in hallways and living rooms
  • Set includes: One (1) plant stand
  • Materials: Rubber wood and MDF
  • Finish Color: Espresso
  • STYLISH & DECORATIVE - Parisian style cart, complete with...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Hold flowers, garden tools, yard decorations...
  • Color: black
  • Brand new and high quality 2-tier standing plant stand
  • Contemporary tray adorn design
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL BAMBOO RACK: 100% natural bamboo,...
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: 3 removable shelves, 5 vertical positions...
  • TWO METHODS OF USAGE: Wall Mounted or just standing by the...

Planting table guide

At a Plant Table It is a work table, mostly made of wood, on which potted and pikkiert written planters and young plants. The size of a plant table depends less on the garden size than on the activities of the gardener. Everything that is necessary for the individual working steps, such as potting, pickling and sowing, should find room on the practical workbench. These include planting and sowing soil, plant pots, hand shovel and picnic stick, secateursand Pruning shears, Also a smaller one watering Can, Twine, gardening stick as well as planting signs should be handy around the Plant Table can be stored.
Only then it is really fun to work on it and to work for the garden.

What to pay attention to before buying

Most plant tables are made of well-impregnated solid wood.
Some of these tables have a galvanized work surface, which is particularly easy to clean. When buying, you should pay attention to stability. Check if it is stable and if the table legs are solidly attached. Only then is stability and thus the necessary security given. The worktable should be easy to transport without materials to place it where it is needed.

Most tables have a working height of 80 to 100 cm. This height is ideal to
to work on it without back pain. The price range of the plant tables starts at just under 50 euros and extends up to several hundred euros, depending on the equipment and material.

Plant tables are differently equipped

The differences of each work tablesexist in the material as well as in the technical condition. So most plants are set up with a low back wall, others with a high. The back wall, whether low or high, should prevent earthor sand swept off the table. Many of these tables are equipped with drawers, drawers and an additional shelf in the lower part of the table. In the drawers or compartments cans with seed bags can be kept dry and clean. The slightly more expensive table models are made of fine hardwood and have side metal hooks on which various garden utensils can be hung. Garden hat, apron, plant sieve, secateurs and other useful things find their place there. Some planting tables
are equipped with a metal or plastic lining on the table legs, this protects against moisture and premature wear.

Find the ideal location for your work table

Their garden tableIt’s best to put it where it’s needed. Ideally, there is a water connection nearby. Of the Plant Table is also good there, where you do not have to carry the potting soil, pots and other garden utensils too far.
It is best to place the table under the canopy of a garden shed or on the wall of the house. So it is reasonably protected from rain and stays well longer. Also in Glasshouseis a good place for work table, as long as it is not too humid there. In gardens without garden sheds, a thicker foil and a dry substrate protects your Plant Table from the weather.
Tables on wheels are very practical, as they are easier to move into another garden or terrace corner.

The solution when space is limited

For people with limited space in the garden or on the patio, there are foldable plant tables. Although these desks work well, there are few things you can keep there. In this case, you can create a solution by placing flat shelves on the wall to store your garden utensils. In a garden without a house one would garden chestfulfill this purpose.

There is the right one for every budget Plant Table , In him it is in every one
Case clean and effective work, better than on a normal table. That’s it
It does not matter if it’s a simple work table or a lavishly equipped model of a plant table.

Have fun gardening!

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