10 Best parasol of 2018

  • SPF: UPF 50+; Can be used in rain and sunny day
  • Open Diameter: 33.86inches; Folded Length: 13.39inches
  • Handmade applique, embroidery and flowers design
  • Weight( 7oz),Length(6.6in).About the weight & length of...
  • Portable & Travel Umbrella : 5 Folding Construction make it...
  • 95% UV Protection : This umbrella can protect 95% from UV...
  • Made of hollowed-out lace, metal ribs, wooden shaft and...
  • Total Length: Approx. 26-1/2 inch (68cm), Diameter: Approx....
  • Fashion and elegant decoration fits all kinds for themes;...
  • Slim skeleton and strong metal ribs
  • PG cloth canopy features a peaked pagoda shape
  • Protects you from downpours and UV rays alike
  • Unique Vintage Pagoda Peak Umbrella Shape
  • High Density Waterproof UV Protection Umbrella Fabric
  • Portable, Lightweight & Windproof Umbrella Frame
  • SPF: UPF 50+; Can be used in rain and sunny day
  • Open Diameter: 33.86inches; Folded Length: 13.39inches
  • Handmade applique, embroidery and flowers design
  • Decorative Indian Hand Crafted Sun Parasol
  • 24" diameter, Length 24"
  • Each parasol varies slightly due to hand work
  • Great for Asian theme decoration, dancing and wedding
  • This beautiful oriental umbrella is great for Asian theme...
  • Great for wedding photo shoots, proms, masquerades and...
  • Made of lace, plastic and metal for holding
  • This product is manufactured in china
  • Special occasion umbrella with ruffle detail provides...
  • Classic crook handle for a secure grip and timeless style
  • Opens automatically with the touch of a button

Parasol guide

The protection from the sun through screens and canopieshas been in use for millennia. From simple canopies and stretched panels to elaborate oil paper umbrellas, the range of materials that have provided shade since ancient times ranges. Modern umbrellas also serve as rain, wind and privacy, With ever more sophisticated innovations, art and high-tech materials are being used in the home garden and on the terrace. Stability and longevity are as big factors in the selection as the matching design and the right size.

Safe stand with the right foot

Already in the selection of the underground should be taken to ensure that the new parasol sure stands. Cheap models are often too easy or wrongly balanced. So they can withstand no gust of wind and the low purchase price may be paid several times. If the foot of a wing is purchased separately, make sure that it offers a suitable counterpart to the screen. For example, the water-filled plastic models are only suitable for smaller round umbrellas. The advantage of this is the mobility. They can be easily transported from the terrace or balcony in the garden and the location of the screen can be changed according to taste. It is safer sun protectionwith a foot of cast iron, metal or natural stone. With one of these variants and a weight of 25 kg or more sufficient stability is available. Thanks to the variety of offers no compromise on the desired design must be made. Certainly, the sunshade can be anchored when a fixed location is chosen. With a foundation made of concrete or a buried support structure, changing wind conditions do not cause the screen to topple over. The renunciation of agility also rewards with the largest possible, stable shadow area.

Form follows the function

With current trends, there are almost no limits to the imagination. Round umbrellas, rectangular or square models, awningor semi-circular sunscreen for little space on the balcony are the basic forms between which can be chosen. For the materials, the purchase should also be based on individual needs. Plastic screens with UV filterIn addition to the shade, they also have water-repellent properties. The barbecue and garden party must therefore not be canceled thanks to this umbrella in a brief shower. Umbrellas bring exotic flair to the Central European garden landscape. The natural material or a visually similar plastic is processed here in several layers and rustles slightly in the wind. Asian design with the typical wooden struts and the round umbrella shape also ensure clear lines in the outdoor area. Typically, these screens are made of oil paper or rice paper-like materials. Also from the Far East comes the colorful, playful version. Round umbrellas with a high roof and tassels or bells on the lower edge conjure up a touch of India in the home oasis.
Growing popularity enjoy the so-called Ampelschirme. Contrary to the conventional, the frame is not in the middle of the shadow area, but laterally. The umbrella itself hangs like one Hanging Basket, It is hovering safely above the surface to be shaded from above. Even bigger ones patio furnitureThere is space for a table and chairs.

Special features when buying

The perfect time to buy a high quality new umbrella is the late summer and fall. Many high-priced models are drastically reduced by this time. Thanks to good and sustainable processing, they can easily be stored and used outdoors for the first time next year without any loss of quality. Also, when choosing and buying the right model, remember that most fabrics fade in the sun. So if you value a high-quality impression, pay attention to fabrics and processing that are sufficiently UV-resistant. So you have many summer joy in his new parasol ,

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