10 Best Metal lantern of 2018

  • Set of 3 lanterns - 20H, 17H, and 14H in. tall
  • Made of off-white metal
  • Features loops for hanging
  • ❤️Pack of : 10 pcs Metal Retro Candlestick
  • ❤️Material: Metallic iron,Color:White,Size:approx....
  • ❤️Features a hook ring to be used to hang the lantern...
  • Vintage style 9.5-inch red metal and glass hurricane lantern
  • Vintage style 9.5-inch hurricane lantern
  • Red metal and glass globe
  • Finish: Bronze
  • Material: Iron and glass
  • Oversized and sleek bronze candle lantern
  • Set of 3 lanterns - 20H, 17H, and 14H in. tall
  • Made of off-white metal
  • Features loops for hanging
  • SET OF 2 INDOOR/OUTDOOR LANTERNS. This plastic material is...
  • GLASS WINDOW PANES. Made of durable plastic with glass...
  • RUSTIC LOOKING with it's antique finish these lanterns are...
  • AN IDEAL GIFT FOR THE FAMILY - a pleasure to receive at any...
  • SOLAR POWERED - innovative technology with solar panel,...
  • Battery powered amber LED candle lantern
  • Antique brown finish
  • Metal construction, real glass panes and heavy duty metal...
  • Metal construction
  • Glass globe
  • Standard lamp oil recommended, adjustable wick
  • Vintage style 9.5-inch red metal and glass hurricane lantern
  • Vintage style 9.5-inch hurricane lantern
  • Red metal and glass globe

Metal lantern guidebook

Only a stylish lighting in the interior and exterior of the house creates the right feel-good atmosphere. Metal lanterns are ideal to put the entrance areas and living rooms but also the terrace in the right light. The stylish metal lanterns are sturdy and very safe because of the non-flammable material. In addition, there are so many variations that the right one for every style of living Lanterncan be found.

Metal lantern for indoor and outdoor lighting

A Metal lantern is a lamp that does not use LED light or light bulb, but with a candle or a light bulb tealightis illuminated. It is independent of the power supply and gives a particularly warm light, which ensures a pleasant atmosphere. The body of a metal lantern is a framework of non-flammable stainless steel, cast iron or other metals. On the sides of the lantern is bordered by glass surfaces. Metal lanterns have either a door or a flap in the lid, through which the candle is placed in the lantern. As a rule, a candle holder is mounted on the floor or a metal mandrel is incorporated. So the candle has a secure state, even if the lantern is moved. In the upper part, slits are inserted, through which heat and smoke are discharged to the outside, and at the same time ensure the supply of oxygen. Most versions are provided with a handle or hanger at the top, with which they can either be held by hand or attached to a lamppost or a chain. Metal lanterns are also offered as a stable lantern or lantern as they are very sturdy. The candle is so protected that it can not be extinguished by rain or wind.

Metal lanterns – rustic, filigree or modern

Metal lanterns are available in many different finishes and sizes – from the small lantern to carry, to the model that is firmly installed in the garden or entrance area. They can be perfectly adapted to the particular style of the house or the garden. The metal framework may be untreated or coated with paint. Very decorative look lampswhose outer sides are provided with a broken pattern. Often the lanterns are painted black or white, more rarely red or different colored models are available. Metal lanterns are used primarily as flexible lighting that provides light wherever there is no power connection. In this way, the entrance area of ​​a house can be illuminated without causing a fire hazard for the house. On the terrace or at a garden party, metal lanterns are also great for their warm light. Lanterns can be used even in storm and rain, as the glazed side walls protect the candle from draft and moisture. The lanterns themselves are heavy, so they are not blown over so quickly even in storms.

What about buying one Metal lantern to pay attention?

When buying a lantern made of metal, especially the future location is to be considered. If the lantern should be used outdoors, it should have as much weight as possible. The ventilation slots must be positioned so that no moisture can penetrate, but the hot air is well dissipated. The stable lantern becomes safer when there is a sufficiently long wick on the floor on which the candle is placed. Alternatively, the lantern should at least have a permanently installed candle holder, so that the candle does not slip when carrying the lantern. The door or lid must be easy to open and close so that the candle can be placed in the lantern and ignited or extinguished. The glass panes need to be cleaned more often because soot is deposited on the inside. Luminaires with a filigree metal pattern can not be cleaned as easily as a model whose side walls consist of larger glass surfaces.

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