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  • Teaches letters, numbers, opposites, colors, greetings and...
  • Includes three letters and a package for slotting.
  • Hear the friendly mailbox characters.

Mailbox English Guide

At an English mailboxMany people get into nostalgic memories. This mailbox is an ornate letterbox with typical British ornaments. These are reminiscent of the British royal family and refine every front yard. There are striking differences to the US „mailbox“.

English mailbox in font red

Anyone who has been in London on a flying visit will have encountered a red mailbox. Most of the time this is one Stand mailboxmade of cast iron, which is mounted on the floor surface and includes a removable box. This box is used to catch the mail that people put into it. The throw-in is guaranteed by a slot or a slot cap. Once a day, the postman uses a square wrench to retrieve the stored mail in order to bring it to the distribution center.

Another model of the English mailbox is mounted on a wall and is similar to the basic form of the German mailboxes. But also this English little mailbox is decorated, mostly in red and wears the royal crown. Others also contain the royal postornament, which still represents the English post. While older English mailboxes are made from a very heavy metal, younger models are mostly made of aluminum or mixed metals. These are no longer so heavy, can be easily screwed to the wall and provide a secure grip. Stand letter boxes, however, are still made of iron or bronze, so that they remain in the strongest storm.

The sturdy construction of the English mailboxes stems partly from the weather, which sets special standards on the British island. And on the other hand, such a letterbox symbolizes the strength of the monarchy. Anyone who wants to set up an English mailbox on their own property, will certainly attract the attention of others.

English mailbox for your own home

In the front yard, residents of a house can set up an English mailbox made of cast iron or bronze. These mailboxes are offered in different designs on different trading platforms. The boxes are mostly in Germany in stock, so a special entry from the British island is spared. For the originality, each dealer is responsible.

Buyer must after the receipt of the English mailbox, this fixed in the ground mount, this may be a concrete foundation necessary. Whether this belongs to structural measures, which must be approved by the authorities, the respective building authority of a municipality provides information.

The English mailbox brings a bit of nostalgia to the front gardens or to the house walls of the Republic. If you would like to have your brochures, newspapers and advertising flyers separated from the post office, you can set up or assemble a newspaper box to the mailbox.

In the footsteps of the Royal Mail

The Royal English Post was never privatized unlike other state-owned companies. So this is still in the hands of the royal family and is now run as a „public limited company“. Short „plc“. The King Henry VIII is the inventor of the Royal Mail from the year 1516th At the time, however, this served not for the shipment of civil, but only the royal post. Only Charles I in 1635 also allowed the people access to the mail. From then on, citizens could submit the letters they wanted to send and these were transported by horse and later carriages.

Today Royal Mail is divided into three distinct areas: Royal Mail – which is exclusively responsible for the delivery of letters, including registered mail and large letters, Parcelforce – is only responsible for sending parcels of all sizes and the Post Office Limited – as Certified mail traders and manage citizens‘ mail and offer service points.

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