10 Best Letterbox of 2018

  • Misc.
  • LETTER BOARD WILL DECORATE YOUR SPACE: The felt letter board...
  • Ample space for various types of mail, including rolled...
  • Constructed with strong galvanized steel
  • Black powder-coated finish is rust-resistant to withstand...
  • Flat-backed hinged mailbox
  • Fits flush against any wall, mounted or on a table
  • Solid wood. Assembled and unfinished
  • Layton Green
  • Kindle Edition
  • English
  • Ample space for various types of mail, including rolled...
  • Constructed with strong galvanized steel
  • Black powder-coated finish is rust-resistant to withstand...
  • Dear Little Letterbox is a fun and inspiring way to engage...
  • Comes with expertly crafted wood mailbox, notepad, colored...
  • Encourage your child to write letters to grandparents,...
  • Misc.
  • Kids have fun while learning
  • Coloring book features variety of color options
  • Includes both graphics and spoken words
  • Material: 0.5mm galvanized plate, Cast Aluminum
  • Overall Size: 41*25.5*9cm; Letter Slot: 22.5*4.2cm
  • Pecfect to decorate your home door.

Open-plan mailbox guide

Information about large mailboxes

In the digital age, much can be done with a simple email. Whether it’s a simple letter, or even an application. But the good old snail mail remains an integral part of our lives. Especially since ordering on the Internet has become so easy and just as commonplace as shopping in the store, the post has become more important again. But even official letters from offices and other institutions continue to go the usual way by mail. Accordingly, it is important to have a sufficiently large and secure one mailbox, Especially for people who are often not at home and regularly receive a lot of mail, a large mailbox is a wise purchase. Such Großraumbriefkästen offer over the known, small versions significant advantages and therefore make the purchase particularly worthwhile.

Relief on vacation

Everyone probably knows this problem: you go on holiday and already know in advance that you will get a lot of mail. Be it letters, desired advertising leaflets or even a package, which – once again – did not arrive in time. Since it is already foreseeable that the mailbox will be full or crowded, there is nothing left but to ask a neighbor to empty it. Depending on how often you travel, it can also be uncomfortable to always ask someone to do this favor, as it may be a great responsibility for your neighbor to accept them, especially with important letters or valuable packages. In addition, postal secrecy is to some extent impaired. Although the neighbor will, hopefully, be honest enough not to let any letters disappear, there is certainly one or the other letter that nobody should know about, even without knowing the exact content. So that the responsibility is taken away from the neighbor and you do not have to worry about yourself, a sufficiently large mailbox is a sensible alternative to the usual small models. A particular advantage of a hard-to-see and empty mailbox is a certain protection against burglary. A crowded letterbox signals to burglars that nobody is at home for a long time. This is to be equated with an invitation to burglary and should be avoided.

What to look for at a Letterbox must pay attention

Even if one Letterbox is a reasonable purchase, not all models are equally good. The equipment differs more or less in the individual versions, which is why not every model is equally strongly recommended. Even if the risk of burglary in the house is significantly reduced, the mailbox itself is still a potential burglary target, because here too, sometimes valuable things can be found that make a comparatively simple burglary worthwhile. It is therefore particularly important in the selection to pay attention to the robustness. On Letterbox Made of sturdy stainless steel makes it difficult for a burglar to get to the contents and deters accordingly. The possibility of emptying can also offer some protection. There are models that have a throw in the front, but can only be emptied at the back. If such a mailbox, for example, embedded in a wall on the property boundary, it is impossible to crack the lock, which is located behind the wall. Depending on requirements, some models can also be divided with shelves. When you’re at home, you can use the false floor and you do not have to stoop for a single letter because it stays at a comfortable height. For the vacation time, the intermediate floor can be removed and the capacity can be doubled. For some people, however, receiving letters is not the biggest problem, but regular parcels. Especially when you are working and a package arrives during working hours, it often causes problems. On Letterbox With parcel compartment creates remedy in this case. In a comparison, for example, the large-capacity mailboxes GIGA by Rotkirch Trading or the MEFA parcel post box Rowan (471) RAL 9006 have emerged as recommendable models.

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