10 Best leaf Rake of 2018

  • Just Rake, Grab & Bag
  • No bending, No stooping, No touching debris
  • 3-IN-1 tool effeciently rakes, scoops & picks up debris
  • EP-22, 48-inch North American ash, lacquered handle for...
  • 22-Inch wide head makes for quick cleanup
  • Poly head is easy to clean garden hose
  • Convenient adjustable tines
  • Effortlessly adjust tines from 25" to 7"
  • Easily stores in compact spaces
  • Ideal for general purpose raking jobs
  • Features resilient tines
  • 19" wooden handle
  • 30-Inch poly head
  • Large head for maximum raking capacity
  • Hardwood handle for srtength and durability
  • QUICK LAWN SWEEP: This tool is built with a 23-inch wide...
  • REACHES THE SMALLER PLACES AS WELL: The rake's teeth extend...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT TELESCOPIC HANDLE. The handle can be locked with...
  • Convenient adjustable tines
  • Effortlessly adjust tines from 25" to 7"
  • Easily stores in compact spaces
  • New and Improved Heavy Duty Metal Release and Locking Switch
  • Built to Last for Years with New Stronger and more...
  • ergonomic Rubberized Handle
  • Just Rake, Grab & Bag
  • No bending, No stooping, No touching debris
  • 3-IN-1 tool effeciently rakes, scoops & picks up debris
  • 20" OVERSIZED OPENING - Imagine yourself spending more time...
  • VERSATILE POOL EQUIPMENT - The front easy glide scoop...
  • FINE MESH POOL NET - Traps Smaller Particles, AKEfit Pool is...

Leafbrush Counselor

Latest in the fall is the leaf Rake on the doorstep or in the garden an indispensable utensil. The trees now drop their leaves, so the foliage must be turned away. This is the right one leaf Rake but no problem and quickly done.

Foliage with the leaf Rake to deal with

Of the leaf Rake has been proven to quickly and effectively remove leaves or other plant remains on trails and lawns. As the trees and bushes are subject to different growing seasons, they always lose their leaves. This not only ensures a messy appearance, but in the rain leads the leaves also slippery paths and thus the risk of accidents. Through foliage, lawns can also die off. Therefore, the foliage should be with the leaf Rake be collected, which is an optimal gardening tool in this regard.

Advantages of a foliage broom

With the practical helper lawns are much easier to get rid of leaves than with a conventional rake, This is made possible by the special construction of the leaf broom, which does not have rigid, but flexible, highly resilient tines. Also of advantage is the larger area, which provides the leaf broom, because the tines run fan-shaped apart. This requires less pressure to sweep up the foliage. The tines are bent at the ends, so that they do not get stuck in the ground and fatigue-free, effortless working is possible. Leaf brooms can be used not only on lawns, but also on hard surfaces, for example on plasterand asphalt.

Structure of the foliage broom

The leafbrush offers compared to others broomand rakes, more area, because the tines converge fan-shaped in the stem. About halfway up they are connected to the stability of a cross member. The stem is attached to a spout and can also be extended telescopically in some leaf rakes, so that it can be adjusted individually to the user. This is also an advantage for certain jobs.

Recommended is the following model: Leaf Whisk Original MegaLeaf including telescopic handle

The leaf broom made in Germany is made of high-quality copolymem plastic. It has a working width of about 80 cm. Thanks to the curved shape, this makes very effective work possible. Depending on the amount of leaves and the area, the time saved is up to 60 percent. Also of advantage are the low weight of about 860 grams, the stable telescopic handle, which is individually adjustable to the user, as well as the suspension device.

Buying a leafbrush – what should be respected?

* Working width

The width plays an important role in the selection. With a wide fan, it is possible to easily edit larger areas and quickly rid them of foliage. Smaller areas require more time and tact.

* Material and workmanship

The material of the leaf broom is also one of the purchase criteria. For surfaces that need to be treated gently, plastic leaf trimmers are ideal. If the foliage is heavier, the leafbrush should be more stable. Here metal is recommended. If models with tines that are close together are used, even small parts can be removed. Farther tines are ideal for bringing order into wild and overgrown areas.


The leaf sweeper is the ideal gardening tool for quickly and effectively clearing lawns of foliage. It proves to be an extremely practical and time-saving gardening tool. This is made possible by the special design of the broom, which, in contrast to the conventional rake, has no rigid but flexible, highly resilient tines.

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