10 Best Insect Hotel of 2018

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  • Hand-manufactured using solely natural materials.
  • Dry wood can be home to many insects such as ladybirds and...
  • There are different kinds of rooms for the insects to nest.
  • Hand-manufactured using solely natural materials
  • Naturally controls the level of parasites
  • A must-have for all nature-lovers
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  • Gardirect
  • This mini insect hotel is constructed from natural timber.
  • It attracts bees, ladybirds and other insects.
  • It helps to control pest insects naturally in your garden.
  • Hand-manufactured using solely natural materials.
  • Dry wood can be home to many insects such as ladybirds and...
  • There are different kinds of rooms for the insects to nest.
  • A beautiful and stylish wooden novelty.
  • This hanging bee hotel, insect house will attract solitary...
  • A functional and beautiful ornament for your garden.
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Insect Hotel Guide

The first insect hotels, where insects can find a safe haven, were discovered in Britain around 1870. At the time, however, these devices were more used to research animals. Today, the various insect hotels are there to allow the animals a retreat.

What for insect-hotel useful
In times when bio and environmental protection are again capitalized, find nesting boxes, so-called insect-hotel , again more attention for useful insects. The nesting place is named after its floor-shaped structure, reminiscent of the architecture of a hotel.
The kit, which consists of different materials of natural origin, offers useful living organisms such as bumblebees and bees an optimal habitat for wintering or as a nesting site.
Through the use of pesticides and the clearing of forests more and more native beneficial organisms are losing their homes. Here, bees, wasps and other insects are important for the continuation of natural cycles such as the pollination of plants by insects.
With a insect-hotel we can replace the useful living beings again a piece of their natural habitat. But not only do we give the important animals a lifelike and safe habitat with such a habitat, but they can also be instructive for us humans.
On insect-hotel offers unique insights into the lives of beneficial organisms and brings the important nature conservation closer to our children.

Which animals are found in the insect-hotel shelter
The replicated Habitat (habitat) can be home to a variety of different insects depending on their size. Usually animals like different bee species, flies and bumblebees use the space in an insect hotel. Depending on the facilities of the established insect hotel but also animals such as ladybugs or butterflies can settle here.
Which animals ultimately find a nesting place in your insect hotel, is also due to the facilities that you offer the animals. In addition, the environment is an important factor for the location of the animals in your hotel. Planting that is as versatile as possible offers the beneficial insects a good habitat in safe proximity to the nesting site.

What do you have to pay attention to at an insect hotel?
Who sets up his insect hotel in an unpopulated environment, will have to wait in vain for new residents. In order to create a species-appropriate habitat for the animals, and to be able to profit as a human being from the provision of the insect hotel, the beneficial insects need a richly planted environment. Since the animals mainly source their food from native plants, the habitat should be built in a versatile, natural environment.
In addition, all living things need daily access to fresh water to be able to develop freely. If you want to build an insect hotel in your well-planted garden, you can provide small bowls of fresh water for the residents of the Insect Hotel. In addition, some animals require natural materials such as sand or clay for nesting. Ensure sufficient natural materials near the nesting site.

For the self-construction of an insect hotel only natural material should be used. Natural framework squared timbers can be used for the basic framework. A rectangular or quadrangular framework, as well as rooms separated by long squared timbers, provide the basic framework for the living space. Wooden blocks and tree bark, clay, peat and straw are ideal for creating an insect hotel. Bamboo woods, which are inserted in terracotta flower pots, provide native bees with a lifelike habitat. The preparation of the individual living spaces can also be an interesting task for children, to teach the young people environmental protection first hand.
Before you build the insect hotel, you should inquire about the local animals of your region in order to adapt the insect hotel to the needs of later hoteliers.
In any case, make sure that all materials are natural, ie unpainted and free of pesticides, in order to provide the animals with a natural habitat.
Finished insect hotels can also be purchased from specialist retailers.

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