10 Best Horn chips of 2019

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Horn shavings guide

Horn shavings are a natural and universally applicable nitrogen fertilizer with long-term effects.

Horn shavings contain about 13 to 15 percent nitrogen and in addition small amounts of sulphate and phosphorus. Be won Horn chips from the hooves and horns of slaughter cattle. Most of these are imported goods from overseas, for example from South America, as cattle in this country hardly carry horns. The advantages of horn shavings are the long-term effect and easy handling.

Horn shavings – natural nitrogen for the garden

Horn chips are a pure natural product. The chips have a size of approx. 5 mm. This will be the Horn chips decomposed by soil organisms only slowly. The slow decomposition results in a long-term effect of the fertilizer over at least 2 to 3 months, in which the fertilizerits effect unfolds. Because of the organic binding of nitrogen, horn-shavings, in contrast to man-made mineral fertilizers, have virtually no washout effects to be feared. Due to the very slow release of nitrogen, over-fertilization of the soil is virtually eliminated. The optimal application time for the general use of horn shavings is autumn. Depending on the nutrient requirement, about 60 to 120 grams are enough Horn chips , which are about 1 to 2 hands full, per square meter for optimal fertilization. The Horn chips are spread loose when used as surface fertilizer and easily incorporated into the soil. The actual dosage is not critical.

The Horn chips from KAS-Stralsund are delivered in a 10 or 25 kg bag. The amount is sufficient for about 80 to 120 square meters when used as surface fertilizer. The KAS horn shavings can also be used for row fertilization and for targeted fertilization of individual plants. The manufacturer promises a nutrient release over a period of 6 to 8 months.

Fertilize with horn shavings

In addition to general use as surface fertilizer horn shavings can be used specifically for fertilizing individual plants or groups of plants. In existing plantations, the horn shavings are easily spread in the immediate vicinity and easily incorporated into the soil. Ideally, the soil is a bit damp. In new plantations of trees, roses or shrubs, the planting holes are dug as usual. Then a handful of horn shavings are sprinkled into the planting hole and the soil is watered a bit. Then the plants are used and the hole with earthfilled up and the earth as usual festgetreten.
Recommended is the sub-mix of horn shavings, though barkor chopped wood are applied. The horn shavings prevent a shortage of nitrogen, which can be caused by the decomposition of the mulch or chaff. Another way to provide the garden with horn shavings with sufficient nitrogen, is the addition of horn shavings for compost, The horn shavings on the one hand accelerate the rotting process and at the same time increase the nutrient content of the finished compost.

The Dehner Bio Horn Chips are suitable for the garden and balcony plants. The nitrogen content of Bio Hornspäne is 14%. The horn shavings provide improved humus formation and vigorous plants. Delivered in 2.5 kg, 5 kg or 10 kg bags.

If you are looking for a natural and universally usable nitrogen fertilizer for your garden or balcony plants, you are well served with horn shavings. As a rule, soils are sufficiently supplied with minerals and other nutrients. Nitrogen, however, is continuously degraded by the decomposition processes in the soil and needs to be replenished. Horn chips are the ideal solution for this. The application is very simple and the dosage is not critical. The chips are simply spread by hand and incorporated. Depending on the soil quality, 60 to 120 grams per square meter are sufficient for optimal nitrogen supply of the plants. Horn shavings can be used as surface fertilizers and for targeted fertilization. Over-fertilization is almost impossible. Due to the relatively large chips decomposition and release of nitrogen takes place over a long period.

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