10 Best Hollywood swing of 2019

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Hollywood swing counselor

Even small children enjoy the benefits of swings. But even for adults, one thing is for sure: rocking soothes and relaxes, especially after a stressful day. That may be a reason that not only rocking chairsbut more and more Hollywood swings are gaining in popularity. Because you can even stretch out on them or relax together with friends.

Definition and functions
Hollywood swings are basically simple garden benches, which are brought by means of a frame in a hanging position. As a result, they are free-swinging and can be made to rock by slight forward and backward movements. As a rule, Hollywood swings have side panels windshieldand a roof as rain and sun protection, The seat is usually designed for 2 to 4 people, but there are now also very beautiful models, which fits only one person and fits so comfortably on every balcony. Also characteristic are the thickly padded cushions, which usually shine in the same color or pattern as the covered roof or the windscreen on the sides. Depending on the model, the upholstery is available either for each seat individually or as a uniform whole. Most swings can be used for both sitting and lying by folding down the backrest. So then creates a big rocking bedfor relaxing hours in the garden or on the terrace. However, not every one of these functions is possible Hollywood swing Offer. Depending on the design and price range, Hollywood swings are made of aluminum, wood and combinations of metal or plastic.

The history of Hollywood swing
The inventor of this seating is unfortunately unknown today. Proven is only that there were comparable seating around 1909 in the UK. After about 40 years later, Hollywood swings were repeatedly seen in various American films, they were also in Germany a popular item. Since these movies came from Hollywood, they also got the name under which they are still known today. The Hollywood swings became the symbol of the economic miracle and soon established themselves in German gardens. The seating had their wedding in the seventies, before they more or less disappeared from the scene. But in today’s stress-ridden time, more and more Germans are looking for a quiet and contemplative place to relax and recover from the hectic everyday life. And that’s how it is Hollywood swing Thanks to their good quality, comfort and acceptable price, they are on the rise again, as both the retro swings based on the old American model and the latest designer pieces are finding their way into the market.

What to look for when buying
Hollywood swings have many advantages, are therefore quite popular despite their price and are gladly bought. You can combine them with other garden furniture, but usually they are separate and form a great viewpoint in the garden or on the terrace and invite you to relax. The rocking movement, both in a sitting and lying position, has a calming effect on people of all ages and is worth gold today. Therefore, more and more Germans are choosing to buy one Hollywood swing , Before buying, however, you should inform yourself about the individual models so that you can prevent false purchases and enjoy your new piece of furniture for a long time. In addition to the pure comparison of features and prices, you should always pay attention to customer reviews or to the test results of independent institutes. In such tests, in addition to processing and load capacity, the quality and compatibility of the materials are also tested. Decisive for the purchase but should continue to be the personal events on site. These include questions such as:
– Is that the Hollywood swing outdoors or on a covered terrace?
– Does a member of the family have allergies to certain substances?
– Who uses the porch swing (for example, children play around on it)?
– Do I want to lie on the swing too?
– Which materials do I prefer?
Depending on the answers to these questions and your own preferences, a pre-selection can be made. The new piece of furniture can then be purchased on the Internet or from specialist retailers around the corner. If you are visiting a local dealer, you can also try the test at several Hollywood swings, which can further facilitate the purchase decision. So nothing stands in the way of a successful purchase.

The pros and cons of different models
There are versions with powder-coated metal racks made of lightweight aluminum or robust steel. Both versions provide sufficient grip and safety. The advantages of a porch swing with metal frame are:
– their durability
– the weather resistance
– easy cleaning and care
– the good stability
– secure attachment of the swing
– Possibility to attach a cup holder
– Different color schemes possible
The disadvantages:
– high weight with steel frame
– Paint damage and rust spots may occur
Other versions are made of solid wood and thus offer a good alternative to the swings made of metal. As a rule, these models are very sturdy and heavy. When buying is still important to ensure that in contrast to the metal swings not all wooden models can be folded out to lie down. So if you want to stretch out in your garden every now and then, you should pay attention to the folding function of wooden models.
The advantages of a wooden swing made of wood are:
– the weather resistance
– robust design
– good stability
– comfortable without support
– natural materials
The disadvantages of these designs:
– very difficult
– Regular wood care is required
– not always convertible into a lying surface
Another version of the Hollywood swing is a combination of different materials, such as a frame with a seat made of plastic mesh or rattan. These modern swings usually go well with the ever-popular wicker lounge furniture, which can be found in many German gardens or on terraces. There are also more and more designer pieces that do not require a roof or come with a new suspension for swinging and represent an interesting eye-catcher.

The advantages of Hollywood swings made of different material connections:
– very individual designs
– to use partly also for the interior area
– high seating comfort
The disadvantages of these material designs can be:
– Often only applicable as seating, as a folding of the backrest is not possible
– not always resistant to the different weather conditions
– Some designer items may require a suspension rack, custom solutions or suspensions

Conclusion to the Hollywood swing
Hollywood swings are a great idea and a good alternative to ordinary garden furniture or sun loungers. It’s a great way to relax and forget the stress of everyday life. They are available in many designs and price ranges as well as one-, two- or multi-seater. Who does not like the old retro look, can also access the many new designer pieces and so in addition to a restful Ruhepol also buy a real Hinkucker for any garden or terrace.

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