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Hibiscus advisor

Hibiscus – as an ornamental plant, he adorns the garden with its wonderfully colored flowers. The annual or perennial plants grow either herbaceous. Most of the specimens are offered as shrubs or shrubs. What is the hibiscus?

Worth knowing about a garden beauty: The hibiscus

It is a genus of the mallow family, which can be found worldwide with some hundreds of species. Their original habitat is in the tropical and subtropical regions. The plant develops beautiful flowers, which are very characteristic for the hibiscus are. Here you can choose between white, yellow, pink, red, blue or purple flowers. Combine your flowerbed with roses or other perennials. In our latitudes, the shrub marshmallow is often planted. He also tolerates the cold temperatures in winter, even if he has winter free from frost. As a container plant you can, for example, with a plant garden fleeceand wrap a jute sack. So all plants are winterized. Alternatively, potted plants such as the hibiscus the cold time also like in Glasshouseor conservatory.

The care of the hibiscus

Choose a sunny place for your new one hibiscus out. At the same time, the site should be sheltered from the wind. Planting in the spring ensures that the hibiscus grows well during early summer and gathers forces for the winter until autumn. In the first years he can be sensitive to frost, so give him this first good growth phase. Make sure that the garden floor is permeable and that no waterlogging occurs. If your floor is a bit heavier, give one shingleor sand in the lower layers. They act as a drainage layer and ensure that rainwater can run off. After the hibiscus has grown well, this gets itself basically enough water from the ground. An additional irrigationis only necessary in long dry seasons. A sign that the hibiscus has too much water is falling flower buds. A portion of extra care gets your pretty hibiscus when it receives a mulch layer on the ground. So the soil is protected from impending dehydration, the shrub finds a harmonious soil.

This is what the hibiscus looks like

Examples of the color-intensive garden plants is the rosemary, (Hibiscus syriacus), red flowering. Over time, it develops a lot of wonderful flowers whose intense red color is recognizable from afar. A feast for the eyes is also filled hibiscus chiffon in blue. Baldur-Garten offers a magical specimen that grows to a height of up to three meters and is hardy. Plant lovers can demonstrate their talents by self-propagating a hibiscus. From the seeds can be made new varieties, but more successful is the propagation of cuttings. But who wants to call a new hibiscus with certainty soon, instead chooses a beautiful hibiscus Oiseau bleu, which was pulled as a stem. Such specimens decorate as a container plant the balcony or terrace and can be wonderfully combined with each other. Look forward to the hibiscus in all its variety of colors and enchanting flowers that will accompany you throughout the summer!

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