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Spreader guidebook

Who at one gritter think, thinks ahead of all smooth roads in winter, which are made safer with the help of the spreader. They keep all sidewalks free of ice and snow and prevent slipping. On gritter but can not only be used to distribute road salt, grit or sand, but also seed, lawn grass seedsand fertilizercan be optimally distributed in the warm season. Thus it concerns with a gritter a device that can be used all year round. It offers the advantage that the spreading material can be spread evenly on the surfaces. By hand, such a uniform work is not possible. With such a device you get a practical helper who can fulfill the most diverse tasks throughout the year. Every homeowner is required in winter to free the paths in front of the property from ice and snow. In order to comply with the legal clearing and Streupflicht properly, is a gritter a perfect complement to the equipment for the winter. Instead of gloves like in the past, one bucketand one shovelgetting started is easy in this day and age gritter filled with the desired grit. Now every homeowner can spread the grit evenly over the sidewalk or in the yard entrance.

Properties of the spreader

A spreader is a great addition to the usual garden Tools, It is ideally suited to supply beds and other crops with fertilizer and seeds. They are available in many different colors and shapes. After all, they almost all have the same structure. The stray container consists of a hard plastic (polyethylene, PE) and four stable wheels. Depending on the model, a wide variety of wheel types are available. As a result, depending on the plot and the local conditions, the device can be used on the wheels individually and without much effort. Many models can also be used without problems on hills or rough terrain. In this case, special attention should be paid to stable wheels that can withstand the high loads. As soon as the filled wagon starts moving, the respective spreading material is distributed on the ground. Depending on requirements, the cars can be selected with a wide range of spreads. Also, the capacity of the car varies greatly. For large areas also a large car with a high capacity should be used. As a result, the work is done much faster and the car can again in the garage, in the basement or in the toolshedto be placed. Many cars are weather resistant and do not rust quickly.

Advantages of a spreader

Depending on the size of the area many manufacturers offer the most diverse product solutions. For example, some high-quality cars can be connected to a vehicle. With a large capacity of 200 l it is a perfect assistant in agriculture. Farmers in particular always have a lot of grit, which has to be spread evenly. For a trouble-free litter issue provides a special agitator, In addition, the car is equipped with wide pneumatic tires. They ensure particularly good running properties on a wide variety of ground conditions. For private use are more hand-scattered car particularly well suited. They are much cheaper, easier and better to handle. For private land, a capacity of 18 to 80 liters is sufficient. Those who value good quality should opt for a stainless steel car. These spreaders are particularly durable and durable. All metal parts such as the litter mechanism or small attachments should be processed to high quality. Then it is ensured that the spreader is available all year round. A rust formation in the winter by sharp road salt is prevented with a high-quality stainless steel. Thus, the spreader looks like new for a long time and can be used for a wide variety of jobs. More and more manufacturers have specialized in the production of modern spreaders, so that the right model is found quickly for each area.

Modern helpers for the garden

A wagon for scattering different goods is made from a few perfectly matched parts of the equipment. They are always equipped with a container that transports the spreading material everywhere. They can be distributed with the stable tires on a variety of surfaces. Many cars are equipped with a special adjustment device. This determines exactly how much spreading material is to be applied to the respective substrate. Thus, any grit such as lawn fertilizeror seeds are applied individually to the soil. The process of spreading is on many devices only started when the tires of the device move. Many models are designed so that they do not lose any grit when moving backwards. As a result, an overdose of the grit can be prevented. When buying the car, it should always be ensured that the spreading width of the filling container and the capacity of the device are perfectly selected for the respective area. Most models have a capacity between 10 and 20 l. The width of the filling container should be between 35 and 55 cm. But the wheels of the car must be of high quality. You should definitely ensure easy movement of the device. A firm and stable driving position can be achieved with the help of large and wide wheels and a certain weight. This enables efficient spreading of the various seeds or spreading material. An important component of the device is also a stable spreader bar linkage. This linkage holds the spreader firmly together and provides the required stability. Many models are equipped with levers and switches, which require a wide variety of adjustment options. This is especially important if the device is to be used all year round. A high-quality innovative grit truck offers adjustable spreader adjustment and a stray-stop adjustment option. In addition, modern spreaders are provided with a sand support. This guarantees that the car always stops in case of a break and that no grit is lost. Many cars are pushed by hand using an ergonomically designed handle and rubberized wheels. Some spreaders can also be used as a pendant to one mowing machinebe used. These trailers are equipped with a special coupling that guarantees easy attachment and detachment of the trailer to any trailer coupling. But there are also combi tools that can be pushed and pulled. Here, the trailer coupling can be switched off.

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