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Grill grate guide

Grill grate guide

Grilling is one of the most popular leisure activities, especially in summer. It is not always primarily about delicious food, but often just to the nice company of friends and family. Something very special is when the grilled food is not on a simple electric grillis prepared, but cooked over charcoals and gets the typical smoke flavor. However, to make sure the food succeeds perfectly, it depends on the right barbecue. All barbecues have a grate so that the food can catch the smoke rising from below. But sometimes it may be necessary to exchange the heavily soiled and impossible to clean grate for a new one. Also, a free hanging grill can be used to cook over a campfire or over glowing coals the grilled food. In such a case, it is even possible to dispense completely with the grill and it is only a sufficiently stable frame for the grill necessary. But so that the grilled food can be prepared ideally and all guests can be as full as possible at the same time, is a large and high quality grill necessary.

The size is what matters

If you want to barbecue with friends and family, you first need the right barbecue. There are grills in a variety of designs and especially sizes. But while many barbecues are designed to be as small, compact and easy to carry as possible, this has the disadvantage that it does not always have enough barbecuing to fit all guests at the same time with ready-cooked food. If there are a particularly large number of people who are invited to barbecue, then this can ultimately go beyond the capacity of an ordinary grill. If this is the case, then instead of a grill, a grate must be used, which can be mounted over open coals to prepare more grilled food at the same time. There are a variety of constructions, which can be placed around the grill hang on sturdy chains and distribute the food evenly over the heat. Another advantage of a very large grill is that a variety of foods can be distributed to it, which should not be cooked too close together because of strong intrinsic flavors. In addition, different temperature zones can be created on the large area to cook different foods at the same time, which require different temperatures and cooking times.

Selection criteria for one grill

When choosing a new grill, it depends on whether it should be a spare part for an existing grill, or whether it should be a large grate that is grilled openly over glowing coals. If it is a spare part, then the rust should, if possible, be purchased as an original accessory of the manufacturer or at least a dealer who offers such accessories. As a result, you can be sure to get exactly the same quality as the newly purchased grill. However, if you want to buy a grate individually and therefore have no reference, you have to pay more attention to a few things. As already mentioned, the size of the grill is one of the most important criteria, since it depends on how many people can prepare food at the same time, if several different foods can be prepared and if different temperature zones are possible. In such a grill, it depends on how it is placed or hung, because it is dependent on any additional accessories. In addition, quality is important. The rust must be made of high-quality, preferably non-rusting metal as well as clean. It is important that it is robust enough to carry large quantities of food.

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