10 Best Garden Storage Box of 2018

  • Outside Dimensions: 61 in. L x 28.5 in. W x 25.4 in. H;...
  • 150G storage capacity
  • Stylish natural wood-paneled finish and texture
  • Outside Dimensions: 61 in. L x 28.5 in. W x 25.4 in. H;...
  • 150G storage capacity
  • Stylish natural wood-paneled finish and texture
  • Suncast Storage Box has an attractive design that looks...
  • Easy 5-minute assembly; no tools necessary
  • Stay-dry design
  • 70-Gallon Eden Storage Bench is both a spacious outdoor...
  • Provides enough seating room to accommodate two adults with...
  • Its durable resin construction with built-in ventilation and...
  • Overall Depth - Front to Back: -18
  • For use indoors or outdoors
  • Manufactured in United States
  • Large capacity 110 gallon storage can hold a variety of your...
  • Durable and versatile design - doubles as additional outdoor...
  • Strong, weather-resistant polypropylene construction...
  • External dimensions: 57 inches x 27.5 inches x 23.7...
  • Doubles as a comfortable seat for two adults
  • Automatic opening mechanism makes opening and closing easy
  • Dimensions: 48.4L x 21.2W x 22.5H in.
  • 80 gallon capacity inside
  • 2-seat, heavy-duty lockable lid that can sustain up to 550...
  • Suncast Storage Box has an attractive design that looks...
  • Easy 5-minute assembly; no tools necessary
  • Stay-dry design
  • Long-lasting resin construction
  • Great for storing furniture cushions and outdoor accessories
  • Easy assembly, no tools required

Garden Storage Guide

The garden constantly needs things that are not allowed to be permanently exposed to wind and weather. That starts pillowand couch pads for the garden furnituregoes over garden tools and barbecue utensils and ends with the sandbox toys of the little ones. But where with all these things? Garden storage boxes are a great solution: they are weatherproof, do not take up much space and allow quick access at any time. What to look for when buying a Garden Storage Box should pay more attention, this guide tells you.

Which properties are important for garden storage boxes?

A box for pillows, Toolor outdoor toys are exposed to wind and weather at any time. Strong sunlight, intense continuous rain and frost must therefore leave no traces. That’s why you should opt for a weatherproof storage boxdecide for the garden. This means that moisture can not penetrate through the lid or through the ventilation holes. Rainwater must not collect on the box, but must be able to run unhindered. Only then are the things stored in the box really permanently protected from damage.

In addition, the Garden Storage Box exposed to permanent sunshine. Over time, this can cause two damage: By heating up the material in intense sunlight and then cooling it down, cheap plastic can quickly warp. In addition, many materials bleach very strongly on intense UV irradiation. If you do not care about warped boxes and faded colors, you should pay attention to UV-resistant materials when buying.

What materials are there for storage boxes for the garden?

Storage boxes are made of different materials. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Here is a brief overview:

Boxes made of plastic are inexpensive to buy, functional and have a low weight. In addition, they are certainly in very high quality optics. If you value UV resistance, color-fast polypropylene (PP) is the best choice. Storage boxes made of this plastic retain their shape and color even in intense sunlight. The plastics PVC-U and PE do not have these properties. A disadvantage of the plastic box: Due to its low weight, it blows easily in strong wind, if it was not sufficiently filled.

Who is for a Garden Storage Box interested in wood, has a lot to note. High-quality hard and tropical woods have no problems with wind and weather. Ideal are, for example, the very hard acacia or eucalyptus wood and teak. These weather-resistant types of wood survive the winter without special treatment. Soft wood, on the other hand, only tolerates the weather if it is protected with glaze. Quite apart from that, the natural material changes over time because it can absorb moisture and warp. For a wooden storage box to remain attractive for a long time, it should be regularly treated with caring oil.

A wonderfully robust and therefore very durable material for garden storage boxes is the polyrattan. The synthetic fiber does not fade in the sun and keeps its shape even in heat. The surface is dirt-repellent, so it can be with a damp cloth or spongeeasy to clean. Polyrattan boxes are heavier than plastic boxes and do not blow away easily. The material is also very attractive visually. The price is higher than the normal plastic box. Due to the longevity of the material, however, this disadvantage compensates again.

Totally practical: multifunctional boxes

Garden storage boxes are only really practical when they fulfill an additional purpose. Many a model also serves as a bench, stool or side table. Of course, such a box must be sufficiently stable, which is often achieved by a reinforced lid. For small boxes carry handles are useful. Bigger boxes are packed very often very heavy. Here are models with wheels to recommend that can be easily pushed across the terrace.

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