10 Best garden bridge of 2018

  • Weather resistant
  • Perfect for any garden or outdoor space
  • Constructed of durable Steel
  • Made of high quality yellow Cedar wood known for its natural...
  • Cedar wood also have a beautiful grain and a knotty grade...
  • Assembles in approximately 20 minutes
  • Crafted of sturdy cedar
  • Solid cedar sides without rails
  • Clear Western red cedar foot planks
  • 59in.L x 26.75in.W x 21in.H (21-1/2inW between rails)
  • Made in durable red-orange stained fir wood
  • 3 support brackets for sturdy assembly (asembly required)
  • Gracefully arched small wood garden bridges for any yard
  • Shipped assembled and great gift ideas
  • Treated with oil based semi-transparent brown wood...
  • Coral Coast Coral Coast Willow Creek 4-ft. Metal Garden...
  • Dimensions: 72L x 29W x 19H in.
  • Beautiful fir wood freestanding garden bridge
  • Resists rot, mold, cracking, splitting
  • Crafted of sturdy cedar
  • Solid cedar sides without rails
  • Clear Western red cedar foot planks
  • Weather resistant
  • Perfect for any garden or outdoor space
  • Constructed of durable Steel
  • Additional limited-time savings reflected in current price
  • Dimensions: 48L x 24W x 19H inches
  • Highly weather-resistant fir wood construction

Garden Bridge Guide

The garden bridge For many, this is part of the romantic idea of ​​having your own green space. Works of art, painting, Silkscreens and art prints as well as countless photos tell of idyllic paths over water, beds, small ones pondsand lovingly created streams.
But what is a garden bridge? By definition, a bridge is a structure or object capable of bridging a place that is either impassable or declared forbidden.
This can be in your own garden already a simple wooden board as practical garden bridge serve. It ensures, for example, that the gardener still gets to his bed when already water in the created creekor fish are in the pond.

The possibilities are manifold. Some mini farmers use one garden bridge as a bridge over flowerbeds or precisely laid stone paths. Certainly, the practical aids are also useful in zoos.

The typical garden bridge
An overpass can already be built at a very reasonable price. Because it is not absolutely necessary that the bridge is bent. But even a skilled craftsman can easily accomplish that. Simple spruce wood should be exhaustively treated with paints to guarantee weather resistance.

A simple one garden bridge from the hardware store or one of the numerous Internet shops is available from about 60 euros. The structure is very simple. In all cases, it is important to give the bridge regular care. Once, so that the wood does not rot and bum and the bridge loses its carrying capacity and its beautiful appearance, and then, so that no moss forms and the pretty bridge becomes a slide for passers-by.

Tip: If old people and small children can pass the bridge frequently and in any weather, you should think about slip mats and consider whether a vault must be.

Materials for garden bridges

While spruce wood is more commonly used in the lower price segment, higher price segments offer materials such as teak, other primeval wood but also wrought-iron bridge constructions. Even more metals are available.

Here, when buying necessarily again on the weather resistance and the risk of slipping to think. Flourishes look beautiful, but the railing should also be able to fulfill its function and provide actual support.
Certainly, a simple rope looks modern, light and natural, but whether it is in the height and feel for each good tangible, is to be considered.

The price depends on size, ie length, effort in the production and material.

Special case: garden bridge with sprouts
Bridges that do not offer a continuous surface to the appearance look particularly creative; there are more steps or rungs leading over the water and the bed.

Please ask again here: Who enters the bridge? Certainly, such a design is particularly favorable in its own right as less building material is required, but safety should come first. Not only children and old people, but also the pets are to be considered.

Another possibility is a hanging structure. This is especially popular with school children. In addition, it is very cheap to imitate and also to wait. Above all, if the bridge is to be stored in winter, a suspension bridge is space-saving and fast in construction and dismantling.

Garden bridges are an architectural asset to any small garden, even if they do not have a proper purpose. They bring height into the landscape and promise foresight. They serve the human yearning and invite you to dream.

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