10 Best Cylinder mowers of 2019

  • Grass deflector; Large wheels with special profile
  • Extremely smooth running, quiet and effort saving
  • 13mm to 42mm (0.50 to 1.65 inches); Cutting height...
  • No need to brush on messy abrasive paste with this...
  • Easily attaches to 16" reel mowers in minutes. Got a...
  • Once attached, hand tighten plastic knobs and push to...
  • Manufactured to tight tolerances
  • Number of rounds per capsule depends on the air gun
  • Doesn't dirty your air gun valves
  • Fits For BRIGGS & STRATTON Models: 394891, 392329,590781...
  • Replaces horizontal & vertical twin (L-Heads) model series:...
  • For Vertical Twin (V-Twin) & Horizontal Engines
  • Fits Kawasaki Twin Cylinder Engines.
  • Does Not Include Hardware or Gaskets.
  • Replaces Part Number: 04749700
  • Briggs & Stratton 796232
  • Genuine Briggs & Stratton Cylinder Head
  • Fits Most 401000, 405000, 406000 Model Briggs & Stratton...
  • Replaces Briggs & Stratton Service Part #497595, 394805,...
  • For Most Single Cylinder and V-twin Engines from 8 through...
  • Genuine Briggs & Stratton Part
  • Replacement muffler for Briggs and Stratton #294599
  • For use on most 5 to 8 HP engines with 3/4-Inch threads in...
  • 3/4-Inch pipe thread
  • Fits up to 14 machines - simple to cut to size and use
  • Sharpens electric, hand, and petrol lawnmower cylinders"
  • Manufactured to tight tolerances
  • Number of rounds per capsule depends on the air gun
  • Doesn't dirty your air gun valves

Spindle mower guide

At a Cylinder mowers It is a practical alternative to the normal lawn mowers. The device is particularly suitable when small lawns are maintained. Of the Cylinder mowers is a kind of hand lawn mower and it is currently being used for gentle grass cutting. It can be said that the mowing machinealways work very thoroughly. Compared to the normal lawnmowers, one important advantage is the space savings. Lots Cylinder mowers can be folded up quickly and easily and thus find space in small corners. In terms of their weight, the hand lawn mowers are very light and therefore they can be easily and conveniently transported anywhere. Another advantage of the mower is that it is often used for gentle lawn mowing. In addition, the grass cutting is also very thorough and the grasses can promote the healthy growth. Very popular is the Cylinder mowers Also, because it is very quiet and for use, no engines are needed that run on electricity or gasoline. This can be very advantageous if mowing is preferred on Sunday. Finally, the cost-effective purchase of mowers must be mentioned. Compared to the normal lawn mowers, the spindle models are very cheap. After there is no energy and gasoline costs, the maintenance is very favorable.

What must be considered in the purchase?

The lawnmower is best suited for small lawns. For up to 100 m², the mower is ideally suited and it is important that the cutting width is observed. If the cutting width is less than 35 centimeters, then only one sheet can be cut in one operation. Recommended at this point are the models where the cutting width is up to 45 centimeters. Lawn mowing is much faster with this cutting width and it is also energy-saving. Due to the cutting width, lawns between 250 and 280 m² are no problem. With a lawn size of 500 to 600 m², electric mowers are usually used. The electrical Cylinder mowers offer better maintenance compared to gasoline powered models and they are quieter. However, if up to 2000 m² cut as a lawn, then the gasoline lawn mower is needed. Larger lawns usually use ride-on mowers or lawn tractors. Incidentally, the reel mower was invented at the beginning of the 19th century, and in principle it is equipped with knives or spindles and with the rotating roller. In the mower, the roller is aligned in parallel and on the fixed counter-blade it rotates. The roller is driven by movements of the wheels. Usually the reel mowers offer a roller which offers up to five or six blades. In many mowers, the knives were arranged spirally. Often there are also the catcher and the cut grass is caught in the cylinder mower. There are the electrospindle mowers, the rechargeable reel mower and the manually operated mower. A special feature of the mower is that of racealways gentle, clean and finely cut, without the grass roots being damaged here. With the normal pair of scissors the cutting results can be compared very well and the high-quality processed and very good cylinder mower recognize buyers with the sharpness and quality of the knives. The reel mower has knives and spindles that are mounted deep on the roller and thus the lawn can be cut very deep. The blades of grass can develop better thanks to this function. The grass is thus cut cleanly and close to the ground, thus promoting growth. It is also advantageous that the blades of grass are not injured. With a clean cut edge, grass is much less susceptible to disease. The lawn also always offers the bright green color. The handheld lawnmowers with the rotating spindle are mostly used in playgrounds, sports and golf courses. Tiergartens, botanical gardens and parks like to use reel mowers with a motor. In the professional field, there is usually a combustion engine and a wide roller.

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