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Contact grills – what should be considered?

Barbecuing is one of the most popular pastimes in the summer, or at least preparation for food. But the other details are already a taste, if not a question of faith. This already starts with the choice of the grill. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. However, if it is to be an electric grill, then contact grills are a particularly good choice. The grill pro, they offer at least one alternative to charcoal grilland compared to conventional, open electric grills they have some advantages. As with all electrical appliances, contact grills have a number of features that must be considered. The more carefully the selection in advance is made, the less annoying and more fun you have at the end with the selected model.

Power consumption and temperature

Barbecuing is characterized by the high temperatures used to prepare the food. A good contact grill must have a correspondingly high power consumption so that steaks and other foods are actually grilled and not just lukewarm. A power consumption of at least 2000 watts and a resulting temperature of 200 ° C or better up to the 300 ° C mark are mandatory – exceptions confirm the rule! The high temperatures, which are desirable to make meat crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, can be achieved to some extent by the processing. A good Contact Grill is accordingly heavy built and better insulated. This keeps a temperature of 230 ° C even with a 1000 Watt grill, like the Tristar GR-2841. In case of doubt, however, the handle to a 2000 watt model, such as the Tefal GC 3060, is the better choice. But not only the maximum achievable temperature is of crucial importance, but also their control! There are contact grills that offer different temperature levels with a 3 in 1 function. In addition, should be a good one Contact Grill also allow precise temperature control.

Size and workmanship

The grill area should be chosen based on the people for whom cooking is usually done. However, the weight of the contact grill says something about its quality. A heavy grill is usually built solid, keeps the temperature better and has a particularly stable state. The processing should otherwise appear high quality, because what looks inferior, it is usually synonymous. A feature that is not always present but quite desirable is a barrier to the upper part of the grill. With a lock, this can be closed tightly and prevents snagging with the risk of burns. A feature that is usually given little attention, are the feet. These should be generously dimensioned and, above all, non-slip. Especially on a countertop or a kitchen table is a slipping, hot grill an absolute disaster!

Other extras

In addition to the standard features, many models offer additional extras that are not essential, but make use more enjoyable once you’re there. This includes details such as a cable reel, which prevents, especially during operation, that a too long cable can get on the grill surface and be burned. Also, a 3 in 1 function, which allows to use the grill for baking, for normal and for barbecue grilling is positive and extends the application of the device significantly. Ultimately, however, the quality of the grill areas counts. These must be as high-quality as possible anti-stick coating and the coating, especially if it consists of the, in the food harmful to health, plastic Teflon must be as abrasion resistant as possible. There a Contact Grill is completely closed, and liquid, as well as fat from the grilled food can escape in one direction, namely in the drain cup, this way must be designed appropriately. Poorly designed models are inadequate and the drain pan may be too small or poorly cleaned.

Recommended models

The Tefal GC 3060 offers a good mediocrity of all characteristics. The Bartscher A150674 is particularly powerful and the BEEM D2000 730 offers the highest quality design.

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