10 Best charcoal starter of 2018

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Ignition chimney guide

A practical helper when grilling: The charcoal starter

Of the charcoal starter is a practical tool for grilling. It serves to facilitate the lighting of charcoal briquettes, charcoaland firewood. There are ventilation holes in the sheet metal tube and a perforated fuel layer is integrated on the underside. The handle is shielded by a heat shield, so that the charcoal starter can be easily held. You fill that fireplacewith the fuel, which makes it lie on the perforated pad. In the lower part you give kitchen paper or other flammable material. Ask the charcoal starter on a fireproof pad. The flames of lighterand the hot gases are sucked up through the chimney effect. You get through the perforated edition in the charcoal starter , If the paper burned out, the carbon layers continue to glow. They glow from bottom to top. Once the desired condition of the charcoal has been reached, pour the energy source onto the grill and start preparing the delicacies. The time required to prepare the coal depends on the nature and size of the fuel. Charcoal is prepared on average after 15 to 20 minutes, while charcoal briquettes take around 25 to 30 minutes. They recognize the right time on the white-gray ash layer that forms on the uppermost layer.

The advantages and disadvantages of the kindling fireplace

The biggest advantage of the chimney is the easy and reliable ignition of the fuel. Some barbecue fans take alternatively gasoline, methylated spirits and accelerants. However, these aids regularly lead to accidents and serious injuries. It can come unexpectedly to deflagrations or flashes. These risks do not exist with the use of fireplaces, so you benefit from the safety of yourself and your family. Chemical aids can settle in the food and damage the health. The fireplace, on the other hand, works without hazardous substances and ensures unloaded and delicious food. The only drawback of the chimney is that if handled improperly, it may cause injury by touching the hot outside of the chimney. A heat glove protects against burns. Be careful when pouring the charcoal, as it comes to flying sparks. Positive is the time savings, as the charcoal is prepared faster. If you are planning a longer BBQ, you will always have new, burnt coal and avoid waiting times. Thanks to the compact stratification of the fuel, a uniform glow is created, which is beneficial for grilling. Even in damp weather you can ignite the coal evenly and quickly.

You should pay attention to these points when choosing

The „Bruzzzler chimney with safety handle“ offers a high level of safety with regard to the holder. The handle is bolted and provided with a weatherproof plastic handle. The thermal insulation protects the user against accidental burning. An additional, second folding handle facilitates handling and increases safety. The design of the handle is an important safety factor, which must be taken into account when selecting the products. The „Weber 7416 Rapidfire chimney“ has a similar design. According to the manufacturer, glowing briquettescan be made in less than 30 minutes. However, there is no plastic handle compared to the Bruzzler ignition chimney. The „Weber 7447 Small Ignition Chimney“ has such a handle, which also has a particularly elongated shape. Non-slip knobs on the inside of the handle ensure a secure fit. Between handle and chimney is a metal sheet, which serves the heat protection. In addition to the design of the handle, the height of the fireplace is an important selection criterion. It should be possible to absorb as much charcoal as possible, but care must be taken to ensure adequate ventilation. The filled fireplace must not be too heavy to ensure safe transfer of glowing grills. Many models are around 30 to 35 inches high. For a conventional family barbecue, a load of charcoal is sufficient, if necessary, a second charge can be refilled. After grilling, be sure to extinguish the embers, then the safety of grilling is perfect.

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