10 Best bird house of 2019

  • Hand made from all natural Rustic Western Red Cedar-No...
  • Easy open door for cleaning, Weather Resistant & Insect...
  • Made in the USA by carpenters with over 40 years experience
  • Constructed of reforested, kiln dried, inland red cedar
  • Ornithologically designed to attract bluebirds
  • One 1/2-Inch hole is ideal for eastern bluebirds
  • Delightful birdhouse made from wood and metal
  • Accented with colorful cutouts of garden delights
  • Features a sliding door on back for cleaning purpose
  • ✔ HIDEAWAY FROM PREDATORS --- There are many animals...
  • ✔ SHELTER FROM COLD --- During cold winter nights'...
  • ✔ COZY RESTING PLACE --- You can hang as many of these...
  • Wonderful gift for any bird or nature lover and perfect...
  • Birdhouse will accent your home or garden
  • Uniquely crafted and includes jute cord attached securely...
  • Crafted from insect and rot resistant premium cedar with a...
  • Air vents allow for maximum air ventilation through wall and...
  • Clean-out doors provide easy access for cleaning
  • 6.5" tall wooden bird house
  • 1.5" hole for bird entry
  • Wooden bird house
  • Measures 14 1/4"H x 5 1/4"W x 4 3/4"D
  • Convenient removable clean-out panel
  • Designed for use indoors or outdoors
  • Charming bird shelter made from reed grass
  • Cedar roof keeps the interior protected from the elements
  • Square opening allows small birds to enter the item
  • Hand made from all natural Rustic Western Red Cedar-No...
  • Easy open door for cleaning, Weather Resistant & Insect...
  • Made in the USA by carpenters with over 40 years experience

Birdhouse Guide

On bird house is more than just a pretty decoration for the garden or balcony. Rather, it is an important port of call for birds that do not fly south in winter. Many animals do not find enough food under the snow in winter and need help. By setting up a birdhouse you can observe the hustle and bustle of different bird species up close in the morning.

Advantages of a bird house

Bird houses are available in all sizes and shapes. Many craftsmen get involved bird house himself. There are many pretty ones birdhousesalready ready to buy. To avoid damaging a tree by nailing an aviary, most aviaries can be conveniently hung with a wire hanger. Otherwise, stainless aluminum nails are very suitable for mounting the bird house. Some models also have a wooden strip, with which the bird house can be nailed to the tree. Depending on the aviary there are different Einfluglochgrößen. The Einfluglochgröße plays a crucial role in bird houses. Small birds need an entry size of 30 to 34 mm. These birds include, for example, great tits, nuthatches, pied flycatchers or sparrows. If the hole is 26 to 27 mm, then it can only be used by certain species of tits. These include fir or crested tit, which the bird house to use as a shelter. The minimum size for a Brutram below the entry hole should be around 1,600 cm², according to animal experts.

Properties of a bird house

For certain species of birds, the design of a bird house is crucial, whether they use it or not. So-called cave breeders, who often build their nest in hollow tree trunks or burrows, are, for example, nuthatches, starlings, species of tits, house or field sparrows. But also mourning and collared flycatchers usually look for a safe place in a tree trunk. nesting boxesare always ideal if the animals can not find any other place nearby. Some birdhouses are made of wood-concrete. The wood concrete is a material composed of cement and sawdust. This material has proven to be particularly suitable as a natural material for birds. Wood-concrete has a long life span of several decades. In addition, they provide a good humidity and temperature compensation, for the birds, this bird house to use for nesting. At the same time, these materials are also perfect for insects and small mammals. Wood-based concrete is considered a sustainable building material and is favored by many gardeners and bird lovers. Ornithology often refers to niche broods. When these birds breed, they look for specific niches such as embankments, buildings, trees or screes. These birds include many species of songbirds (dipper, robin, redstart and garden red swan, wagtails). Even birds of prey such as eagle owls or peregrine falcons are included. Special nesting aids have been developed for these species of birds. For the birds, an open design is characteristic.

High quality bird houses

The ornithology and ornithology deals with birds of all kinds. The word ornithology comes from ancient Greek. It consists of ornis (bird) and logos (together). But more and more non-ornithologists are interested in the up to 10,000 estimated bird species. Birds are among the most species-rich animal classes of vertebrates and should get some help in winter. There is nothing better than pulling up the shutters in the winter and watching the birds having breakfast. That alone is worth buying a birdhouse.

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