10 Best floor fan of 2019

  • Kitchen
  • WIND TO KEEP YOU COOL - Whether you're working with...
  • POWERFUL - Our fans will help you get through those hot...
  • VERSATILE - 3 speed settings, tilt adjustable, portable...
  • Lasko
  • Kitchen
  • 3 Powerful Speeds - makes this fan ideal for the garage,...
  • Pivoting Head to Direct Air Flow & Circulation - allows you...
  • QuickMount for Easy Conversion from Floor to Wall Mount -...
  • Geek Aire
  • Kitchen
  • Lawn & Patio
  • Kitchen
  • 12-Inch high velocity cradle fan-black
  • 3 Fan speeds
  • All metal construction with safety grills
  • Kitchen
  • POWERFUL: 3 powerful speed settings for fast cooling and...
  • VERSATILE: Pivoting blower head to direct the air when you...
  • TECHNOLOGY: Accessory outlet to run other equipment

Floor fan guide

What is a floor fan?
Germany’s first fan factory was founded in 1851 by engineer Christian Schiele. In the later years, more fan factories were opened, as the fans enjoyed great popularity throughout the population. Nowadays many models of fans are available in the trade. For example, axial fans, diagonal fans, centrifugal fans and many other forms can be purchased.
On floor fan is used for cooling and is often used during the summer months. Many offices, households, events and fairs use the modern and popular models. At the floor fan it is an externally driven turbomachine with which a dispersion medium can be successfully conveyed and compacted. On fancan also be called a fan. The fields of application of floor fans are manifold. They serve, for example, the air conditioning. The temperature and humidity can be effectively controlled by air circulation. During cooling, the flowing air is successfully taken up by a component and taken away. The moisture of the fabrics can be eliminated by the flow of dry air. With the radial fan modern and high-quality organs can be operated.

What are the benefits? floor fan to offer?

On floor fan has many features and benefits. It can be used in various ways and has proven to be very useful. With the floor fan For example, good ventilation can be guaranteed. The bad air and harmful gases can be easily and effectively removed from the room or sucked.
Other advantages and functions of the floor fan include a safe stand, freely adjustable tilt angle, saving heating costs in winter and excellent cooling in hot summer days. The floor fan can be placed anywhere in the room. It works flawlessly on the floor, table or shelf, The cool air flow ensures the necessary cooling. The air flow can be adjusted individually according to the wishes of the consumers. The tilt angles can be adjusted in three different speeds. Of the floor-mounted fancan be adjusted in height, so that the air can arrive at the desired location. Thanks to the newly developed circulation technology, the cool air is mixed with the warm air, so that a pleasant room climate is optimally taken care of. The pedestal fan can effectively reduce the heating costs in winter, as the air circulation can heat up the room faster. The numerous models of floor fans can be ordered or purchased in different sizes and colors. They can be used indoors and outdoors.

Which floor fan is one of the best models on the market?

A high-quality and modern product is the Sichler floor fan. It can be placed in any place and has three speed levels. The attached protective grid prevents unnecessary injuries to the hands of children, dog bites and cat paws. The large foot ensures a secure stand. The height can be adjusted to 40 cm or 80 cm. The head of the Sichler floor fan can be tilted and has a freely adjustable inclination angle. The circulator can provide a balanced and pleasant indoor climate with the modern air turbulence and effectively save heating costs in winter. The scope of supply includes the Sichler floor fan with a clearly understandable operating manual. The assembly of the article is simple and can be done by laymen themselves. The product dimensions are 26 cm x 80 cm x 27 cm and the weight of the floor fan contains 1,840 kg. The power supply can be up to 230 volts. The length of the cable contains 165 cm. No tools needed for assembly. The Sichler floor fan has a rotor diameter of 18 cm. The product can be purchased either in the online shop or in specialist shops.

Another modern and high-quality floor fan is the Sichler XXL floor-to-ceiling fan. He can be handy with one remote Controlbe controlled and was equipped with the circulation technology. The XXL rotor is 40 cm in size and guarantees a pleasant cooling. The head can be tilted at will and the inclination angle can be adjusted freely. The device contains three speed levels. With the remote control you can set the speed, the time and the floor fan on and off. The performance of the Sichler XXl floor-to-ceiling fan is 55 watts. For the remote control are two AAA batteriesneeded, which are not included in the delivery.

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