10 Best duvet of 2019

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  • Equinox International
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Upper bed guide

The right material when duvet

At a bedcoverit depends on many properties. Not only do they have to warm, but they should also be as light and comfortable as possible on the body and allow adequate air circulation. The most important factors for this are the filling material and its density. Of course, these properties also affect the pricing of the top bed. If you are dealing with really high quality copies for the first time, you might be scared of that. However, this is an important acquisition that will be used regularly over the next few years. In particular a duvet with complete down filling has a proud price. For this they are particularly easy and include a lot of air. This is warmed up inside, thus ensuring the pleasant effect of a duvet. For duvets, always pay attention to the mixing ratio. Alternatively, versions with synthetic filler or natural hair are available.

Down comforters in detail

Such quilts are filled exclusively with natural raw materials. Down are not exclusively used, but the filling is partly mixed with feathers. The ratio has a big impact on the price, weight and comfort of the final result. The biggest problem with feathers is their tip, which can be permanently pressed by the outer material and thus become uncomfortable. Pure duvetsare usually quite heavy, but the raw material is much cheaper. The origin of the down should not be completely ignored in the selection. Most quilts clearly indicate from which country or region they originate. The colder the place of origin, the better the heat blanket, Those who want to be sure of the effect should pay attention to the heat category. This is found for each product and is divided into four sections from one to four. A higher value is suitable for people who quickly freeze or prefer a thicker blanket in winter.

Synthetic filler

An alternative to the natural resources of down comforterare artificial materials made of microfiber. A big advantage is the cheaper production and purchase price. However, a few years ago, the synthetic materials could not compete with feathers. This has improved in the meantime and above all rapid sweating, which used to be one of the main problems, occurs at most even in models of low quality. Perhaps a more crucial advantage of these top beds is their washability. While down, if any, can only be cleaned with the utmost care or professional support, the artificial fillers will survive Washing machineand sometimes even dryers without any problems. Especially house dust allergic people benefit enormously from this possibility.

natural hair

Natural hair is a rarely seen filling, which also has its advantages. Those who like to feel the weight of the blanket resting on themselves should prefer this variant, as it is much heavier than down. In addition, the raw material is particularly breathable and can absorb up to one third of its own weight in moisture, without this being noticeable. This allows you to sweat a lot under a natural hair blanket. Again, the origin of the filling material is crucial, but in a different way. Cashmere goat hair, for example, is great for the winter as the temperature and humidity of the body are naturally regulated. The merino lamb, on the other hand, provides a highly breathable raw material that is ideal for summer. However, the cleaning of such upper beds is similar complex as with down comforters and depending on the design, the cost is also relatively high.

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