10 Best curtain rod of 2019

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  • EASY TO INSTALL: Just extend to wall and twist to tighten;...
  • FITS ANY STANDARD SHOWER: Rod easily adjusts to fit spaces...
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Made of steel, the rod can hold up to...
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  • 100% Safe Use, Lock in Place and NEVER Fall off, Never Bend...
  • HEAVY DUTY: ALLZONE Tension rods can bearing heavy Shell...
  • Zenith
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  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen
  • BEST BENEFITS: You will get from BEOKREU tension rod: 100%...
  • HEAVY DUTY: Tension rods can bear 20pounds,It is your...
  • FAST & SUCH EASY INSTALLATION- Simple to extend,Pull and...

Curtain rod Guide

Curtain rods can now be found in almost every apartment. However, this is no wonder, because the practical rods are much more than just a way of getting around curtainshang up: they have become wonderful home accessories that beautify every home.

Single or multi-level curtain rods

Single-length curtain poles are generally very popular. However, also mehrläufige curtain rods have their merits. While in the single-barreled variant, either a curtain or a decorative curtain can be hung, it is possible with a multi-line curtain machine to hang both at the same time. Or it is still a white curtain sun protectionadded. Which variant one decides here, depends on whether only a curtain or something else should be hung up. Thus, for example, in the kitchen a Einläufige curtain machine for a conventional white curtain be sufficient as desired, while in the bedroom perhaps a mehrläufige curtain rail is more of an advantage, as you hang the curtain also with the same. In this way, it is feasible to protect yourself from unwanted glances and also darken the room.

Curtain rods: large selection of different materials

Curtain rods can be made of different materials. For example, here you will find variants made of wood, brass, metal or stainless steel. Accordingly, it is easily possible to find the right one for every style of furnishing curtain rod choose. If, for example, a high value is placed on a rather sober atmosphere, as is often the case in a study, for example, curtain rods made of stainless steel are an ideal solution. If, on the other hand, there is a rather antique style of furnishing, then you are certainly right with dark wood or brass curtain rods.

Additional decoration effect thanks to end pieces

The curtain rods usually always include the matching end pieces. These can also be selected according to the furnishing style and desire. For example, ornaments and leaves look noble as end pieces. Will the curtain rod hung in the nursery, then it is even possible to buy teddy bears, rabbits or similar child-friendly motifs as curtains tails. Very popular, especially in children, are tails in bright colors, such as red, blue and green.

Various suspension options

Most are at one curtain rod curtain ringsselected as suspension type. However, it is also possible to buy curtain rods with an inner race system. The latter serves to hang the curtain a little more inconspicuous. What you decide here depends on your own taste.

Curtain rods for even more comfort

Curtain rods, in combination with curtains and / or curtains, create an even more homely ambience. From a blank wall with a bare window, a window with a cozy atmosphere is created in no time at all. Thanks to the wide selection of curtain poles, you will certainly find the right poles that you not only like personally, but also fit easily into the existing furnishing style. Attaching a curtain rod is usually done quickly, so that the desired curtain or the curtain are usually suspended just as quickly. After that, all that remains is to admire the result, which you will surely love.

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