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  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA
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  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • John Bickford
  • Publisher: Marcel Dekker
  • FIST, Bolted Door 2012
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  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA
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Screw shelf guide

Screw racks – the easy way to storage space and order

Whether in the basement, in the storage room, in the walk-in wardrobeor the garage – there is often a lack of storage space to keep things in order ToolTo bring storage boxes and the like. To create the space needed to accommodate everything that is needed in the household, screw-on shelves are a successful alternative. The easy assembly makes it easy for everyone Bolted to set up quickly.

Screw rack – application areas

The Bolted is the classic among the flat-bottomed shelves dar. Usually it is used in workshops, warehouses, factories, archives, but also in the private household. Thus, storage space can be created in storage rooms, cellars, garages, garden sheds or walk-in closets.

Properties of a screw rack

Screw racks are characterized by special variability and stability. The installation by screwing angle profiles and shelves is very easy. In addition, the special system perforations make it easy to change accessories and floors, which ensures high flexibility. The shelves can be flexibly inserted into the screw system grid with 25 mm height differences. To ensure the stability of the screw rack, a steel foot can be attached to the floor. In addition, screw racks have the advantage that the system can be easily extended by cultivation shelves.

Screw rack – parts and equipment

The basic equipment of a screw rack system consists of 4 angle profiles and usually 5 shelves, 8 corner brackets and 4 feet as well as nuts and bolts. This basic equipment can be multiplied to fill a larger wall width can.

Mounting a screw rack

By screwing the angle profiles and shelves is the Bolted educated. The angle profiles and shelves are connected with corner brackets. These corner angles ensure the two-sided use and optimal stability of the screw rack. After screwing together, only the clamping feet have to be inserted into the lower ends of the angle profiles in order to protect the surface of the floor.

Screw shelf – the cheap alternative to the plug-in system

There a Bolted accessible from both sides, can reduce the time and space needed to assemble and retrieve the items to be stored. Since screw racks are available in different heights between 2 and 3 meters, different widths between 75 cm and 1.3 m and depths of 30 to 80 cm, different room conditions can be covered. Also in the load capacity screw shelves are quite flexible. The shelves can hold from 70 to 330 kg. Thus, a flexible assembly of the respective screw rack can be done.


The classic among shelf shelves thus forms a favorable alternative to the plug-in shelving system. However, these shelving systems are known for their functionality and not for optical beauty. At concise places in living spaces, the screw racks make less. In corners where this hardly has to be realized, it creates an enormous amount of storage space. However, the flexible, stable construction and the individual adaptability in terms of space make the screw shelf a real all-rounder. Since the shelves themselves are relatively light and can be assembled and disassembled quickly, screw shelves can perform well for many years both in the home and in the commercial sector.

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