10 Best subnotebook of 2019

  • Yumiko Tajiri; Yukiyo Motoda; TetsuroÌ" Takahashi; Shinko...
  • Publisher: Okayama : FukuroÌ"shuppan, 2011.
  • Learning
  • Paperback
  • Akira Urushibara
  • Publisher: ToÌ"kyoÌ" : OÌ"bunsha, 2008.
  • TomoÌ" Ariyama
  • Publisher: ToÌ"kyoÌ" : OÌ"bunsha, 2012.
  • 36 reusable pages wipe clean with a damp cloth when used...
  • Allow 15 seconds for ink to dry in order for it to bond to...
  • Blast your notes to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box,...
  • Tomoo Ariyama
  • Publisher: ToÌ"kyoÌ" : OÌ"bunsha, 2008.
  • HQRP Netbook Keyboard plus HQRP Coaster;
  • Type: Internal Laptop Keyboard; Condition: NEW; Color:...
  • Replacement for Acer 9J.N9482.01D AEZG5R00010 AEZG5R00200...
  • Tsuneo Mikado
  • Publisher: ToÌ"kyoÌ" : OÌ"bunsha, 2008.
  • Briefcase easily transforms into a backpack with convertible...
  • Multi compartment: Roomy, padded interior laptop compartment...
  • Exterior Organization: Large front pocket with organizer...
  • Akira Urushibara
  • Publisher: ToÌ"kyoÌ" : OÌ"bunsha, 2008.

subnotebook guide

At a subnotebook it is a small one laptopwith a screen size of up to 13.37 „, which corresponds to a screen diagonal of 34 cm.The minimum size is 10.6“ which corresponds to a diagonal of 27 cm. The subnotebooks are much lighter in comparison to the larger notebooks or laptops. The beginnings of subnotebooks date back to 1989, when Compaq launched the LTE. At that time still under the market usual designation „laptop computer“, which changed however already a short time later. subnotebooks are now mostly used as a travel notebook or second notebook, as they are easy to carry on their small size. Especially travelers who only travel with hand luggage on the plane, appreciate the size, the weight and the width very much. Other names for subnotebooks today are „slim notebook, slim book or ultrabook“. These are particularly thin subnotebooks that are thinner than an average book novel.

Manufacturer of subnotebooks in the overview

Numerous subnotebook manufacturers have established themselves in the computer market. First and foremost, the industry is dominated by names such as Apple and Samsung, but Lenovo, Acer and Asus have also made a name for themselves in this sector. If the subnotebooks were previously equipped with a large hard disk space, this has changed due to the design. The internal memory is very low, on average 32 gigabytes and is complemented by a virtual cloud. The benefit of this is that the stored data on the cloud is also from a home computer, tabletor Smartphoneare available. This allows subnotebook users to download and edit their data from anywhere. In some cases, data storage can also be done on one SD cardbe inserted in an integrated slot. The data can also be saved via an external hard disk. This is connected by means of a USB cable. The data transmission can also be done via Bluetooth or NFC. Both interfaces allow wireless transmission of all data. Apple also offers the data transfer through the option „synchronization“ via Wifi (WLan). This allows content from the computer to be synced to Apple’s smartphone or / and tablet. As an operating system, Apple relies on in-house programs, while other manufacturers rely on the Windows system.

What to look for when buying a subnotebook

The offers of the subnotebooks on the Internet and in the electrical shops often sound appealing. But buyers should first compare the models. The subnotebook should eventually meet their own requirements. In the processing cheap manufacturers rely on a lot of plastic while high-quality products are equipped with glass, carbon or stainless steel elements. If you are traveling a lot, you should definitely look for a sturdy one subnotebook ensure that the unit is not damaged in the event of impact. A subnotebook bag in the appropriate size is essential, just so the notebook is protected from the weather and other events. The bag should also be padded from the inside or have a hard shell from the outside. To meet today’s technical standards, the small notebook should have at least 2 gigabytes of RAM, as well as a dual-core processor and enough free space, otherwise the mileage will be affected. A good battery will last for at least 10 hours without power. The more sophisticated it is, the higher the software performance should be. A mouse can easily be connected via a stick if working with the touchpad is too difficult. However, this is not necessary, because the settings can be performed just as well on keyboard shortcuts. Ideally, a good virus program is already included, so Apple, that no further programs needed for protection.

Retro Tech: Toshiba subnotebook from 1999

Thin and light laptops are common today, but in 1999 this Toshiba Portégé 3110CT subnotebook was definitely something special.

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