10 Best sound cover of 2018

  • Suitz -Speaker SuitZ - REV10 & PRO80
  • ☀ COVER for Polk Audio Atrium 6, Yamaha NS-AW294, Sound...
  • Plugs Right into the Soundhole
  • Fits Soundholes 3 7/8"-4"
  • Model# FBR2
  • ☀ COVER for Polk Audio Atrium 5, Klipsch KHO-7, Pyle 5.25...
  • ✔ Eliminate feedback and enhance stage volume.
  • ✔ Unique design fits almost all steel string guitars.
  • ✔ Silicone material inserts safely into your guitar's...
  • Made of high quality foam and Protein Leather
  • Great replacement for your worn-out or lost ear pads.
  • More comfortable for your ears,for hours of comfortable...
  • Suitz -Speaker SuitZ - REV10 & PRO80
  • Speaker Slip Cover Designed to Fit the Hottest 12" Speaker...
  • Rugged Water Resistant Polyester Construction and Built-In...
  • Protective, Padded Interior with Soft Lining
  • Fits a standard 4" soundhole
  • Quick and easy to install & remove
  • Soft rubber insert safe for guitar finish
  • Plugs Right into the Soundhole
  • Fits Soundholes 3 7/8"-4"
  • Model# FBR2

Sounddeck Guide

The term sound cover will be related to the expression Soundbarused. Because of the so-called sound cover represents a subcategory of the soundbar sound cover significantly improves the TV sound without the need for a space-consuming multi-channel system. This differs from the other subcategories of the Soundbar by the specific construction, as well as the associated advantages and disadvantages.

Sounddeck – General

At a sound cover In comparison to the other soundbars, this is not a long, narrow device, but rather a device that is much lower in terms of construction and can easily be used on the TVcan be made. Already in the sound cover integrated bass is created by the so-called downfiring basses, or the bass speakers, which are located at the bottom of the sound decks. Thus, the bass is radiated down.

Advantages and disadvantages of the sound deck

While a classic soundbar can be mounted directly on the wall, this is not possible with a sound deck. However, this is so solid that it can act as a shelter for the TV. In most cases, a TV is positioned directly on the sound deck. This is advantageous in those flat panel televisions that use a pedestal and are not wall-mounted. Otherwise, a sound deck is small and easy to install and significantly improves the TV sound. It is simply set up and connected directly to the TV with just a few cables.
Thanks to the larger case volume, the reproduced sound sounds significantly fuller in the middle and bass tones. The other soundbars usually have an external one subwooferwhile here the bass is already integrated in the sound deck. Ultimately, it is a matter of taste, which subcategory one decides. Because both a sound deck and a soundbar in general provide both a user-friendly device as well as a space savings.

The applied technology

Soundbars generally use the so-called Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, which changes the decoded multichannel sound in terms of transit time, frequency and phase so that the listener gets the illusion of a spatial sound. As the basis for such a trick represents the human ear, because this gets an impression of the spatial sound, when at the same time the signal occurs on the left and the steering ear. In order to achieve the optimum sound result, it is very important to set up the sound deck correctly. This means that the own sitting position must be considered. In order for the sound waves to cover the same distance to the wall to the left and right of the sound deck at the same time, the sound deck must necessarily be in the middle. In long rooms, however, it can easily happen that the sound waves are not reflected as planned. This means that they arrive incorrectly at the listener. Therefore, a sound deck should not be purchased for elongated rooms. However, the more square the space in which the sound deck is, the better the sound quality.

Tips before buying

Those users whose TV should not be wall-mounted should opt for a sound deck. Because this hardly takes up space and provides the right grip for the TV set. However, before selecting a sound deck, it is important to check the weight of the TV and the dimensions of the TV stand. Because the foot falls too far in comparison to the sound deck, it can happen that the surface of the sound deck is not sufficient. This can eventually cause the TV to tilt to the left or to the right.
Before the purchase, the appropriate connection should be checked. Just look at the sound deck connections. Cabling via HDMI connection is considered the simplest connection. There is also a wireless connection via Bluetooth or NFC available. However, if you still decide to connect with cable, you should check whether the DHMI cable is already included in the delivery. Because this is rarely the case. Otherwise this is simply purchased separately. If the sound deck is not HDMI cablesupports, there are other digital connection options available, which are offered by the TV sets as standard.
Otherwise, there are now many manufacturers of sound decks. In addition to the brand manufacturers such as Samsung, Panasonic or LG is still a whole range of manufacturers available.

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