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  • Banana Stress Toy
  • Office Product
  • ALPI
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Banana Plug Guide

Banana plugs are special plug connections for the low voltage, that means for medium electric current up to 16 Ampere. Of the banana , which is also called 4-mm spring connector, was developed primarily for electrical laboratories. The plug itself sits firmly in a leaf spring element. He is also out of it Toolsolvable. This leaf spring element reminded in its original form of a banana. Hence the name banana , The so-called banana socket, which is also called the telephone socket, has a diameter of four millimeters. The plug itself is variable by the leaf spring element in diameter by a few millimeters. Of the banana was already developed in 1924 by Hirschmann GmbH, based in Neckartenzlingen, Swabia. The invention formed the cornerstone of the company, which was a successful producer of antenna technology until its dissolution in 2004. From the GmbH three new companies came out, which produce today communication technology under the name Hirschmann.

From the invention to the standard

With the banana The previously used screw connections and spring clamps, which were used in experimental setups in the laboratory, were to be replaced. Plug connections with different lengths and diameters, of course, existed before. But the concept of the banana plug was persuasive in the long run. The design of the connector with contact, suspension and insulation, which at that time was not made of plastic but of Bakelite, offered many advantages for laboratory technology and set itself as the technical standard. The connections used so far were complicated and uncertain. The banana on the other hand, it was safe to anchor in every four millimeter hole in metal. Banana plugs have a multipoint connection and thus transmit signals safely. With banana plugs can also be normal socketsElectricity can be removed if they are not provided with a child safety device. However, the current drain is not safe. Special safety plugs with specially insulated safety sockets make it safer to remove mains power using banana plugs.

Versatile little banana plugs

Banana plugs are no longer used in laboratory technology today. Plug-in banana plugs as well as loudspeaker plugs to speakers and amplifiers are commonly used. Banana plugs are also used on some measuring devices and in the construction of model railways, albeit with different diameters. In medical technology, however, banana plugs must not be used because it lacks the so-called reverse polarity protection. However, banana plugs are used to connect the electrodes to the body during ECG. Banana plugs are available in many different designs today. Banana plugs must have a coupling for the laboratory setup, into which additional plugs can be quickly and easily inserted in an attempt. For other uses, there are the widespread Büschelstecker and plugs with a ring-shaped Federelerelement, which is often gold-plated. Banana plugs with rigid insulation are safe to touch at mains voltage, but those with a sliding plastic bushing are only partially touch-proof.

Banana plugs in comparison

When comparing and comparing twelve different banana plugs, six models were able to finish with the grade Very good and the remaining six with the grade Good. In the first place, the inside gold-plated high end Nakamichi banana plugs from UC-Express, which are suitable for cables up to six cubic millimeters, were able to hold their own. The four plugs can be soldered as well as screwed together. With a similar rating, the eight banana plugs from Yonix and the four banana plugs from the manufacturer Sentivus scored points. This is followed by the banana plugs from AmazonBasics, which are offered in a quantity of 24. They are compatible with other banana plugs, flat plugs and bare wire. The banana plugs from UC-Express as well as from Sodialr also performed well in a quantity of 20 each. On the well-ranked courses, there are four more Nakamichi banana plugs from UC-Express in various quantities and types. With similar results, the banana plugs from deleyCon and the Ocelot banana plugs from Sewell were rated directly. In other comparisons also received the speakerBanana plug manufacturer Tinxi and Rembus very good ratings. All tested banana plugs are gold plated without exception. The plugs are versatile for electronic plug connections and can be used in loudspeaker technology. The selection is huge in any case.

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