10 Best BaByliss beard trimmer of 2018

  • Double the Speed!
  • 9,000 RPM Blade speed for faster cutting
  • 8 comb attachments
  • New, powerful motor with replaceable brushes
  • Ultra-thin, small tooth T-blade for close outlining,...
  • 10' cord
  • Lightweight, powerful motor
  • Only 4.5" long
  • Ultra-thin blade
  • Cord/cordless, NiMH battery
  • 2 new, ultra-thin blade sets, 30mm U and 45mm T
  • 2 comb attachments
  • Lithium ion battery delivers up to 2 hours of run time with...
  • Improved motor for increased speed, power and life
  • Balanced, ergonomic trimmer for light-duty touch-ups and...
  • Unique pivotal cutting head
  • 5 interchangeable cutting heads - precision trimmer, body...
  • Turbo boost button
  • Titanium blade technology
  • Detachable heads for easy cleaning
  • 3 interchangeable cutting heads - precision trimmer, nose...
  • 8-foot power cord
  • Cuts all hair types. 75-minute cordless run time; 30 minutes...
  • Designed for all-around fading
  • Precision engineered, hardened Japanese steel blades
  • Double the Speed!
  • 9,000 RPM Blade speed for faster cutting
  • 8 comb attachments

BaByliss beard trimmer guidebook

A well-groomed beard is a kind of status symbol for most men. This is not surprising, as the popularity of beards has risen again over the last few years. That’s why it’s important that you not only have a generous beard, but also get it into shape. Since doing this with a manual device is more than tedious and exhausting, you should look for one BaByliss beard trimmer decide. For years, BaByliss is one of the best addresses when it comes to hair care, regardless of where they grow. The company was founded in 1961, and BaByliss has quickly become the leading expert in hair care and cosmetics. This is due to the numerous innovations that BaByliss has brought to the market over the years. Milestones of the company were the heatable curler, the Hot Air Brushas well as the electric hair straightener. But also the BaByliss beard trimmer will convince you completely.

A simple and thorough shave

At first, BaByliss has focused entirely on the needs of women, but for some years, men can enjoy the products. The BaByliss beard trimmer are the best example, because there are different models, which in turn are used in many areas. But all have one thing in common: These are high-quality processed and always deliver optimum performance. So that you can not only trim or trim your beard, the beard trimmerthe brand about various additional functions. These not only enable easy handling, but also high-quality results. The majority of the technology is processed in the cutting head, which is pivotable on many models. As a result, it adapts to the shape of your face and can perfectly follow contours. The W-Tech blades, however, ensure that every smallest hair is reached. The blade is made of solid titanium for a perfect result. Depending on the model you will then get a cut of 0.4 to 5 millimeters.

Helpful functions for everyday life

A beard trimmer from BaByliss has many more benefits to offer. In addition to the simple operation via a power cable, there are also models that are used with a lithium ion battery. Battery life lasts about 60 minutes, after which you have to put up with a charging time of 90 minutes. Of course it can happen that you BaByliss beard trimmer especially urgent need. The devices also have a suitable function for this. The quick charge feature allows you to charge the tailor for only five minutes and then use it for up to three minutes. Perfect for a hectic morning. Depending on the product, you will receive several attachments so that you can always use the optimum cutting length. The precision is guaranteed because you can cut with the device in 0.2 mm increments. So that you do not have to adjust the perfect cutting length of new ones again and again, the models have a reminder function.

After use

Once you have your beard in shape, you can start cleaning the beard trimmer. Here, too, the manufacturer BaByliss has developed significantly. As a result, you can remove the blades on most products and then clean them under warm water. Soap or similar is not necessary because the jet of water will remove all the rest of hair from the blade. Then you should use a dry blade towelfree from the residual water. Then you can put it on again and the next cut can begin. Should problems arise, BaByliss will provide you with a warranty of up to three years. Generally offers the BaByliss beard trimmer Excellent workmanship and quality parts, so you can use the unit for years.

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