10 Best Boys softshell jackets of 2018

  • Stretch soft-shell with fleece backing
  • Wash durable
  • Water resistant
  • Water and wind-resistant soft-shell fabric is breathable and...
  • Comfortable, performance fit, great for outdoor activities
  • Brushed tricot backing feels soft and wicks moisture
  • Waterproof: 100% Waterproof & Windproof, soft shell outwear...
  • Warm and Comfortable: Fleece liner, removable hood also with...
  • Highlight: Removeable hood with spare button, in case the...
  • Click on colors for a variety of styles
  • Selected styles are hooded
  • Cozy interior that delivers warmth and comfort
  • Softshell jacket.
  • Hooded.
  • 3 front zipper pockets.
  • Shell and lining: Polyester, composite pile with quality and...
  • Removable storm hood, elastic binding at cuffs and zipper...
  • Soft shell fabrics combine the soft, comfortable fit of a...
  • Water Resistant - This garment has a waterproof coating to...
  • Breathable - Highly breathable to let moisture out, making...
  • Bonded fabric - With a bonded lining for extra warmth and...
  • Soft Shell
  • Fashion
  • Columbia Infant and Toddler Size Chart
  • Columbia Little Kids and Big Kids Size Chart
  • Cooling temperatures and inclement conditions can't keep him...
  • Stretch soft-shell with fleece backing
  • Wash durable
  • Water resistant

Boys softshell jackets guide

A softshell jacket for boys – cool companion on cool days

As the days get shorter, active boys need warming but not too thick clothes to be able to roam freely outdoors. The ideal companion for fall is a softshell jacket. This is, in contrast to classic raincoats, soft and light, it provides movement-joyful children a lot of freedom. The fibers are breathable and prevent the guys from working up a sweat when they move wildly, or when the autumn sun shines out from behind the clouds. Softshell jacketsare very popular with hikers and runners, cyclists and winter sports enthusiasts. The look of the softshell jackets and their image is sporty-cool. Of course, this look is very much in line with the taste of the boys, who want to look cool at least from the elementary age. Bright colors and little bells and whistles are very accommodating for the boy. But even for the little ones, there are softshell jackets completely to their liking. Whether racing cars, funny monsters or firefighters, every mother will find the favorite softshell jacket for her sandbox rocker.

What should be considered when buying a softshell jacket for boys?

Of course, the look is very important to the children. The parents look outside the box when buying and pay attention to the most important details.
Most softshell jackets have a polyester surface that makes them durable and repels moisture. The inside of the jacket is made of velor or fleece, which on the one hand dissipates moisture and on the other hand is high-pile and thus stores body heat.
There are two types of softshell jackets. Some are made of 100% tissue. These are very breathable and are therefore ideal for sports in the fresh air or as a second layer under another jacket in winter.
Other softshell jackets are equipped with a membrane that is processed between the fibers. This keeps wind and moisture off. The membrane jackets are ideal for damp autumn weather and keep the body dry during a downpour.
A further development of the conventional softshell jackets are the Gore-Tex jackets. These are absolutely wind and waterproof and can be worn on long hikes in the rain. However, the Gore-Tex jackets similar to the rain jackets are little breathable.
Who wants to buy a soft shell jacket for boys, should pay attention to a good workmanship of the seams and zippers. The zippers are now often glued to prevent the ingress of moisture.
The hoods often have a rubber waistband to ensure a tight fit on the head. Other models can be individually tightened with the help of cords.

Worth knowing about softshell jackets for boys

The rarer a softshell jacket is washed, the more its breathability decreases. The salts, which are in the body sweat, deposit in the fibers and clog them over time. After sports, after a hike or bike ride, the softshell jacket should definitely be washed. This is enough liquid detergent, If a membrane is present, softener should be avoided as it attacks them.
For drying, the softshell jacket can be treated in the short program of the tumble dryer. This rebuilds the fleece fibers inside the jacket. So it stays fluffy and can store the body heat better. The impregnation is restored.
Who wants a higher protection against moisture, can impregnate the softshell jacket with a spray in the open air. Thereafter, the jacket should be ironed to activate the impregnation protection.

Conclusion: If you have an active boy who likes to spend time outdoors in every season, he is well advised to wear a softshell jacket. When buying should be paid to quality and workmanship. In design, the boys have their own preferences. With the large selection of softshell jackets for boys of all ages you will surely find it.

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