10 Best Roulette Set of 2019

  • 16" roulette wheel with zero & double zero
  • 120 casino size & heavy 11.5 gram chips in 6 colors
  • Full size 3ft x 6ft roulette felt layout
  • Two-sided felt features layouts for Craps and Roulette
  • Measures 72"x 36"
  • Made from water-resistant material
  • 16 Numbered Shot Glasses: 8 Red, 8 Black
  • 2 Metal Balls
  • Spinning Roulette Wheel with Shot Glass Holders
  • Wheel and Balls Only
  • The roulette wheel has a brass bushing insert to ensure in...
  • This plastic 16 Inch Roulette Wheel includes everything...
  • Includes 1pc 16" roulette wheel, 1pc mini roulette/blackjack...
  • Roulette wheel features a brass bushing insert to ensure in...
  • 16" plastic roulette set with 31" x 17.5" playing mat,...
  • 2 classic games
  • Great for Vegas night
  • Perfect for parties and celebrations
  • Adds some Serious celebratory fun to parties
  • For indoor and outdoor decoration
  • 16 Numbered Shot Glasses: 8 Red, 8 Black
  • 2 Metal Balls
  • Spinning Roulette Wheel with Shot Glass Holders
  • ✔ FUN AT ANY PARTY Fill the shot glasses, put them in the...
  • ✔ COMPLETE DRINKING GAME SET Includes spinning roulette...
  • ✔ FINE QUALITY MATERIALS Everything in the set is crafted...
  • Toy

Roulette Set Guide

Who does not love gambling? In particular, roulette occupies a special position among all games. In a modern way, it is played in the casino or online casino. But even as a party game roulette sells cloudy evenings with excitement and fun. Luckily, with one Roulette Set played only with chips as a money substitute. This does not spoil the atmosphere, because everyone learns to gamble and works with Pokerface to victory.

Roulette – The game of luck, who loses and who wins?

Roulette is certainly not the oldest gambling game in the world, but one of the games with perhaps the highest profile. Within a few centuries, it has become one of the most popular games of chance. The goal is to get the highest possible profit by placing a number or a color. Many a roulette player has put his entire win here in the real casino and lost everything again. Other gamblers are smarter and say goodbye to full-sized chips.

The set is ready, the ball rolls and the winner laughs around

Even the term „roulette“ heralds what this game of chance is all about. Because the translation „spinning wheel“ describes very well the wheel rotating in the middle. Then the croupier throws the ball in with a good audible announcement, the tension increases, because each player has to red or black or even a high bet on one only number set. For a moment, everyone holds their breath, because the ball still moves in the roulette until it hops on a number. 29 Black! Whoever has bet on black now doubles his win or manages to get his stake up to 35 times with the right number. Here play and tension are always close together! With the Roulette Set Philos 3701 bring that same excitement home. Stop boring evenings and play roulette with friends!

Where does roulette come from?

There are legends surrounding the popular gambling with the wheel. Some of these stories say that monks are said to have brought the game from Chinese monasteries to Europe. Well, those who can actually imagine that monks brought gambling out of their walls in the 17th century are welcome in this picture. Other stories say that it was the ancient Romans who, out of boredom, turned the wheels of their overturned wagons. Who believes it …
However, most historians believe that it is thanks to Blaise Pascal’s invention that millions of people at home today are using it Roulette Set can play.

The English nobility is happy about the accidental invention

In search of another invention, the first roulette wheel came into being as a byproduct. In the 18th century, it was England that was open to the fun pastime. So it is no coincidence that there are first references from the year 1720, which represent a rotatable wheel in connection with a ball. From 1739 gambling games were banned, however, which makes it easy to explain why they are no longer visible on pictures. No one knows who is at court with a big one Roulette Set played for the luck of the ball.

Get one Roulette Set for home!

Today gambling is allowed again and those who are satisfied with the play money are fetching a roulette set. Board games never go out of style, because here friends and family come together for good times.

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