10 Best Game dishes of 2019

  • Lightweight injection molded figure crafted from heavy duty...
  • Base is approximately 10-inch square, stands approximately...
  • Includes plastic bowl, 9.75" across and 3.5" deep
  • Prime Video
  • English
  • made for kids and toddlers
  • nice graphics
  • cool animations
  • made for kids and toddlers
  • nice graphics
  • cool animations
  • Lightweight injection molded figure crafted from heavy duty...
  • Base is approximately 10-inch square, stands approximately...
  • Includes plastic bowl, 9.75" across and 3.5" deep
  • Factory sealed DVD
  • Warner Archive (11/06/2012)
  • DVD, PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
  • Audio Fidelity Steredisc
  • Vinyl
  • Dish towel featuring the sentiment "It's all fun and games...
  • Measures 28" x 28"
  • Made of cotton
  • Mix and match to create culinary masterpieces...a...
  • Test your cooking skills in 45 levels and 3 unique...
  • Master 80 different dishes

Game Tableware Guide

A play kitchen is the dream of many children, because there the behavior of the parents on the stoveenact. The children can bake, roast and sizzle there and do not put themselves in any danger, like a real oven or stove. The used dishesShould be robust even with small, awkward children’s hands then. What features should the harness still have to play?

Which properties should the dishes meet?

The harness for playing is often taken in the mouth of children or licked with the tongue, so this should be no sharp edges identify, or be made by unhealthy substances. The most important thing is that the harness has a seal of approval, such as GS (tested safety). Thus, legal standard for the safety of children are met. Also a „good game“ sign from the working committee children and toys is a good sign for the game gear. Pollutants are randomly tested on children’s toys. The seal of TÜV Rheinland is also an important factor. Make sure that the toy does not contain any lead-containing paint and that the toy contains no plasticizer.

Children’s dishes made of wood

Wood is a natural product that parents like to fall back on. Usually, the unique grain of each piece of crockery is unique. The small crockery has been easily processed and is perfectly suitable for children. Sharp edges are not to be found on wooden dishes, as the Wooden Toysis sanded. Only use products made of solid wood, as the products with pressboard or even plywood could release carcinogenic substances. Lacquered crockery in the most colorful colors is very nice to look at, but should be checked for leaded colors. The paint could also contain undesirable plasticizers.

Children’s dishes made of plastic

The childrens tablewareoffers some advantages. The colorful crockery is usually very light, because plastic is also a light fabric. These toys made of plastic can also be wonderfully clean. A special longevity and also very robust are the plastic toys. Pay attention to sharp corners and also to softener. The plasticizers are banned because of their fumes on grease and liquids. Information about the products and the plastic used, they are mostly on the manufacturer’s information.

Children’s dishes made of metal

Children’s dishes made of metal or metal have the advantage that they indicate a very long longevity. The harness is not fragile and does not lose its shape even after long use. There are some advantages to this variant, but disadvantages could also arise with this variant. Metal and metal can be painted very easily and well. Of course, the manufacturer should use non-toxic paint. Leaded colors are absolutely forbidden.

Children’s dishes made of porcelain

Pretty is the children’s dinnerware made of porcelain mostly designed. Due to the porcelain, the dishes have a higher quality and the quality also seems to be pleasing visually. The porcelain is not only popular for children’s dishes, but also for the real household. The dishes can often be decorated by the children themselves. The disadvantage is that when the dishes fall down this can break very easily. This is dangerous for the children as they could put the pieces in their mouths. In addition, then sharp edges are found on the dishes. At this, the child can cut.


Do not just use the material as a choice. The harness should of course also visually fit the game kitchen. Cloth dishes can also be purchased, these are also useful for cuddling. Especially for very young children tableware is advantageous. Also foodstuffs made of cloth can be found in the assortment of many different manufacturers.

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