10 Best sinker of 2019

  • Cannon Downriggers
  • Sports
  • Bullet Weights
  • Sports
  • Bullet Weights
  • Sports
  • WORM / BULLET WEIGHTS- Are a must have for Texas rigged...
  • TUNGSTEN- Is much smaller than lead, steel or brass which...
  • SUPER SENSITIVE- Tungsten is much more sensitive than lead,...
  • Versatile sinker withn the ability to swivel on the attached...
  • Virtually friction free bait presentation
  • Great for bottom fishing or trolling
  • Pre-rigged Carolina rigs with everything needed for your...
  • Especially suits bottom fishing in cooler water for bass...
  • The beads are to stop the wire and its knocking sound can...
  • Hilitchi
  • Misc.
  • Great for all types of fishing, in both fresh and salt water...
  • A favorite among salmon and steel head fishermen,160 Each
  • Brass eye at the top of the sinker for easy rigging
  • Round design
  • Cannon Downriggers
  • Sports

Countersink guide

On sinker is always used if you want to widen a hole at the entrance. This is necessary if the screw on the workpiece or on the wall is to sink completely in order to just finish with the surface. The principle works sinker similar to one drill, However, the head of the countersink is not pointed, but wide, to lower the borehole accordingly. The flat surface is therefore in the foreground when sinking as a result. For example, if you want a smooth surface for functional reasons, you need one sinker , When processing wooden floors, for example, a lowering of screws prevents you from getting caught on protruding screwdrivers and injured. Furthermore, lowering the borehole always makes sense if a surface is to be sealed watertight. Protruding screwing devices would in such a case make the tight sealing impossible. Of course, aesthetic considerations are good reasons, one sinker apply, for example, in the manufacture or processing of a piece of furniture. Becomes a sinker Applied, screws can be screwed in more easily, which brings a particular advantage when tapping, since then the entry point is wider.

Different countersinks available in stores

Countersinks are available in many different shapes, which are designed for different tasks depending on the shape. Most countersinks are made of high speed steel. In the trade, however, there are also models made of carbide. For twist drillFor example, there are flat or conical countersinking counters that allow drilling and countersinking in one step. However, countersinkers are only suitable for processing plastic or wood. So-called flat countersinkers, sometimes also known as countersinks, are used to lower screws with flat heads. Counterbores are commercially available with two to four cutters. However, these countersinks are not suitable for lowering screws with conical heads. In woodworking, one can achieve smoothing and broadening of the borehole with a pusher. Such exhausts ensure a functional and aesthetically pleasing result. In addition to the aforementioned countersinks, there are also countersink, Querlochsenker and Zapfsenker. Countersink is suitable for screws with conical heads and usually have between three to five cutting edges. Such models are available in different pointed shapes, which, depending on the task, can be selected accordingly. A variant of countersinks are Querlocksenker that are easy to handle and provide clean results. Countersinks support the exact work with the help of a pin, which is led into the borehole. Because with that you can have a stable leadership of drilling machineeasier to reach and avoid scratches or bumps.

What to look for when sinking

The sinking succeeds only if you hit the hole exactly and works precisely. For this you have to hold the drill at right angles, which works very easily with a drill press. When using a countersink, do not use too much contact pressure. Even a low speed helps to get good results. In most cases, a speed of 50 to 150 revolutions is sufficient for lowering, in order to avoid scratches and irregularities at the borehole. Especially as a gentle force during lowering prevents the countersink is dull.

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