10 Best Mannesmann tool case of 2019

  • 303 pcs
  • Incl. Many useful Tools
  • Solid Plastic Case
  • Brüder Mannesmann Werkzeuge
  • Tools & Hardware
  • Tool Box with 86 accessories of the Mannesmann Green Line...
  • In a robust plastic case
  • Bottom of the Bag and outer case embellished with hand tools
  • Brüder Mannesmann Werkzeug
  • Tools & Home Improvement
  • Mannesmann Premium Line
  • scratch-and impact-resistant
  • Bits made of High Quality S2 Steel
  • Mannesmann Premium Line
  • scratch-and impact-resistant
  • Bits made of High Quality S2 Steel
  • Brder Mannesmann Werkzeuge GmbH
  • Tools & Home Improvement
  • 130 pcs
  • Incl. Reversible Ratchet Handle
  • Solid Plastic Case
  • Brüder Mannesmann Werkzeug
  • Tools & Hardware
  • Eye-catcher at every party
  • Bottle opener and hammer

Mannesmann tool case guide

On tool boxshould have a usable and robust equipment. These include quality tools that are made of stainless and high quality materials. The particular types of tools that a tool case is equipped with can vary. The content of a toolbox is industry-specific. An electrician needs a different set of equipment than a plumber, locksmith and mechatronics engineer. These are just a few examples to illustrate the variation. Furthermore, toolboxes for DIY are distinguished from the toolboxes for professional use. A home improvement usually needs a good and solid basic equipment. What contains such a basic equipment is explained below. Furthermore, not only should the contents of the tool case be of high quality, but also the tool case itself should withstand the conditions in a workshop.

Tool case basic equipment
A solid universal and DIY toolkit includes pliers assortments, bit key variations, a diverse assortment of screwdrivers and of course one spirit level, one hammer, one voltage tester, one bucksawand a Tape measure, Furthermore, it is important that the entire equipment is not only versatile and universally applicable, but was also properly checked. The tools are subject to a specific standard and should be GS approved. GS is the seal of approval of TÜV and means that the Toolis high quality and can withstand the demands. The following is a product example of a universal tool case.

Mannesmann tool case – product example
Mannesmann stands for quality and has been offering high-quality tools for professional use as well as home improvement needs since 1977. Mannesmann currently owns five tool lines with a total of 8,000 products. In addition to tool cases, Mannesmann also offers electronic tools as well as many other technical articles. Below we present the 89-part premium tool case M29085.

Mannesmann tool case – M29085 Premium tool case for universal use
The tool case from Mannesmann is a universal case, which can also be used in the home and home improvement sector. Of the suitcaseis sturdy and contains a total of 89 parts. 83 tools are GS-tested. The tool case from Mannesmann was examined in more detail in the following points:
– Content
– Measurements and weight
– Guarantee

Mannesmann tool case – content
The tool case contains a comprehensive assortment and is the ideal basic equipment for every DIY enthusiast. In addition to a comprehensive range of pliers and screwdrivers, there are bit-key variants, a hammer, spirit level, handsaw and roller tape measure. Furthermore, a voltage tester also allows the use of electronics and electronic cables.

Of the Mannesmann tool case contains in detail:

– 20 bits
– Screw handle
– Repairman hammer
– flexible extension
– Renewal
– T-sliding handle
– Kardangelemnk
– Adapter
– 18 bits
– 5 T-profiles
– 3 Allen keys
– 13 sockets
– 2 saw blades
– 1 adjustable fork wrench
– 1 changeover ratchet
– 1 handsaw
– 1 torpedo waterwagon
– 6 screwdrivers
– 9 screw inserts
– 1 voltage tester
– 9 screw inserts
– 2 precision mechanic screwdrivers
– 3 Zagen (telephone, combi and water pump pliers)
– 1 steel tape measure

The case is not only robust, but also has a clear layout. The tool case by Mannesmann is hinged and has the left flap tape measureas well as the pliers. The right flap is equipped with screwdrivers. The middle section consists of screws, saws, hammers and the bit keys. Furthermore, there are also screwdriverand the spirit level in the middle section. The tool is mostly made of CR-V steel and is protected against corrosion. Furthermore, the ergonomic handles make the tools easy to hold.

Tool case Mannesmann – dimensions and weight
The tool case is compact with dimensions of 46 cm x 43 cm x 8.2 cm and weighs only 6 kg. Thanks to an optimized carrying handle, the tool case can be transported everywhere and is always ready for use. The tool case is available in the color green and TÜV approved.

Tool Case Mannesmann – Warranty
Mannesmann is convinced of the products and therefore gives a factory warranty of 10 years. If a tool breaks down due to material defects during this time, it will be replaced.

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