10 Best Frightened Of Cats of 2019

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  • High quality printed canvas stretched and stapled to durable...
  • 1.50" thick stretcher bars for gallery quality profile
  • Canvases are printed and hand stretched in the USA by...

Cat fright guide

Some people are total cat lovers, others hate cats or even are allergic to their fur hair. Who belongs to the latter group, wishes that no cat comes too close to his house. This can be prevented in principle with the large number of cats, which run around in cities and in the country as free-runners the whole day, usually not. That makes cats in many places now a problem. And even those who really like the little cuddly fur animals, it sometimes goes too far, what the four-legged friends are doing. They rob birds‘ nests and leave their paw prints on garden furniture and the bonnet and scarce plants. The last option that many homeowners see is the purchase of a dog – as a natural enemy. But the four-legged friends often do not act as Frightened Of Cats Rather, most dogs are not at all interested in whether a cat is entering their territory or not. All that really remains is the defense of the cats by means of an electronic device – one Frightened Of Cats ,

Cat fright – operated with ultrasound

The best known variant of the Frightened Of Cats is the ultrasound distributor with motion detector, This is a small device that can be placed anywhere in the garden. The device emits ultrasonic sounds that are inaudible to humans. Cats, however, perceive this sound and avoid the garden. Depending on the model, such a device can emit up to 140 decibels. This kind of Frightened Of Cats works with the help of a motion detector. The advantage of such Frightened Of Cats is that it has a long range. Because of the small size, this type of cat fright can also be installed almost invisibly. This is especially important if you have neighbors who actually like cats and for whom such a cat fright borders on animal cruelty. The cat is not injured by the use of this type of cat fright.

Plant as a cat fright

You do not always have to resort to the electronic version of a cat fright. It also works in a „natural way“. And these representatives include in particular the Verpiss-Dich plant (or botanically: Piectranthus caninus). This plant is native to East Africa and belongs to the rather inconspicuous plants, is 40 cm tall and has fleshy, slightly hairy leaves. In summer slightly violet lip blooms appear. Its fragrance is perceptible to humans only from a small distance. Cats, however, smell the scents from afar and stay away from the garden. Because their nettles unfold essential oils, such as menthol, the cats do not love. The disadvantage is that the plant is not hardy. This means it needs to thrive 10 to 20 ° C and withers pretty fast when it rains a lot. In order to protect a garden from the unpleasant visits of cats, one must also place several plants in the garden, because the plant has a rather small sphere of activity. Therefore: Set up several plants if the vegetable or flower bed is to be protected from the urine of the cat.

Use spays against cats

The cat defense spray belongs to the category of products that can be used to drive cats away. This kind of cat fright works against the fact that cats do not urinate everywhere. This product is even suitable for use in the house. Because many cat owners love their baby tigers, but do not want them to leave their urine everywhere. You also have to understand every cat owner. For example, there are devices that detect a motion detector when the cat comes closer to the spot that should not be contaminated with urine and then spray the cat. With other products you can also inject objects targeted. The cat sprays contain fragrances that repel the cat.


If you want to keep cats away from certain places, they can use different cat fright products. This does not hurt the cat, but keeps them away only by sounds or by certain fragrances.

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