10 Best Wakeboard helmet of 2018

  • Our signature brim helmet with the ultimate water sport...
  • Vented low profile soft-core EVA liner
  • CE Certified for water sports
  • ABS outer shell for impact protection. Quick dry soft EVA...
  • Removable ear protection pads and adjustable back of head...
  • 11 Air-vents system for breathing.
  • Multi-impact Design
  • Sweatsaver liner comes standard
  • Adjustable Strap
  • EACH STYLE COMES IN 3 SIZES- S/M (53-55cm/20.8-21.6in); M/L...
  • Our skate inspired helmet shape specifically designed for...
  • Vented low profile soft-core EVA liner
  • CE Certified for water sports
  • X-Large size professional quality helmet for water action...
  • High-impact ABS shell and waterproof dual-density EVA liner...
  • Supports removable cupping ear guards (sold separately) to...
  • CE approved EN 1390
  • Ultra light non-water absorbent construction
  • Impact resistant ABS outer shell and impact absorption soft...
  • Hard and lightweight ABS outer case shell safety helmet
  • Premium impact absorption and high density EVA liner for...
  • Air vents for easy drainage and breathable
  • Multi-impact Design
  • Sweatsaver liner comes standard
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Our signature brim helmet with the ultimate water sport...
  • Vented low profile soft-core EVA liner
  • CE Certified for water sports

Wakeboard helmet guide

Wakeboarding has currently developed a good reputation and is omnipresent on the lakes in Germany. It’s a lot of fun and, in addition to surfing or kite surfing, is a new achievement that can be used on the water. Sporty, modern and still fun and even competitive – that’s wakeboarding. But before it can start with the rapid water travel, it is important that one Wakeboard helmet is not waived. Safety First is the motto and therefore it must be ensured that no exceptions can be found here.

Which price segments are to be expected for wakeboard helmets?

The price ranges of wakeboard helmets are very variable, which is not least due to the manufacturers. Everyone wants to make a profit, get the material costs out and know their reputation paid. After all, it can be tedious to stay on the market. The models, optical advantages in the design as well as the materials round off the versatile price levels under the wakeboard helmets. Therefore, a price from 40, – Euro is quite realistic to consider, but an end of the price segments does not seem to be in sight. So it can be different levels, but certainly reduce your own budget for the selection something.

What to look for when buying wakeboard helmets?

Wakeboard helmet is not the same Wakeboard helmet – that should let anyone interested melt once in the mouth. No-name products from Asia are completely to be avoided, because they usually only look good and cost little, but they certainly have nothing to do. In addition, often plasticizers or carcinogenic substances are included, which has nothing whatsoever to do with safety and health. But now there is no reason to panic, because the following keywords will certainly help, a suitable Wakeboard helmet to find.

– Material
– Manufacturer
– Price-performance ratio
– reviews of the helmet on the WWW available?
– given ear protection?
– Comfortable seat?

This checklist should take more notice before shopping to get a good one Wakeboard helmet to be able to find. The price and manufacturer, however, are rather secondary because the importance lies in comfort and safety.

What must one Wakeboard helmet respectively?

Important is the safety and comfort. That’s why there are basic facts that can help with the purchase of a wakeboard helmet and are responsible for finding the right helmet. It should be noted that a locking system can be found on the neck strap to provide comfort and safety. He should just open and close. The helmet must fit perfectly and must not be too big or too small, because it has optical reasons! He has to be able to sit tightly and thus be able to provide security. Eye-catching colors are important in order to become familiar with the fall. Draft should be avoided to keep otitis media from neck. These are the key factors that need to be discussed for a wakeboard helmet.

A wakeboard helmet or kite helmet can be very quickly distinguished between high quality or low quality. The above points will be helpful in setting the budget for yourself and knowing what to expect before you buy and what a wakeboard helmet needs. Now the search can begin.

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