10 Best Table tennis ball of 2019

  • GREAT BOUNCE: The perfectly round G40+ table tennis balls...
  • PLASTIC BALL: The poly table tennis balls closely resembles...
  • Packing: 50 counts, the color is white
  • Ball Weight (g): 2.60-2.80
  • Ball Diameter (mm): 39.5-40.5
  • Good bounce,More Power,Decent Spin
  • Great for stadium,club and school,home
  • Premium training balls for all -lever players.100% MONEY...
  • Good bounce,More Power,Decent Spin
  • Great for stadium,club and school,home
  • Premium training balls for all -lever players.100% MONEY...
  • 3 star ping pong balls
  • Good bounce,More Power
  • Ball Weight (g): 2.7-2.85
  • Stiga
  • Misc.
  • Revolutionary technology offering the most advanced table...
  • Poly plastic material - safer and more durable than...
  • Seamless construction for consistent and accurate bounce...
  • Brand:Nittaku
  • Colour : White
  • Quantity : 3 pieces per box
  • Advanced training balls
  • Good bounce,More Power
  • Ball Weight (g): 2.7-2.85 Ball Diameter (mm): 40.1-40.25
  • Advanced training balls
  • Good bounce,More Power
  • Ball Weight (g): 2.7-2.85 Ball Diameter (mm): 40.1~40.25

Table Tennis Ball Guidebook

Table tennis not only inspires hobby athletes, but this is also often played in clubs and in tournaments. This is of course one Table tennis ball very important, with professionals having different requirements than hobby athletes may have. In addition, there are certain conditions here, such a Table tennis ball must meet.

Weight and the color count
In tournaments, not only the weight or the color is specified, but this starts with the material. This should be either celluloid or a similar plastic material. In addition, the balls should be evenly hollow, so not heavier in one place than another. This could lead to unwanted failures, because the ball can not be targeted. The diameter should be 40 mm, which may differ from 0.5 mm. The weight of a table tennis ball is also fixed, which is then 2.7 grams. Here only a deviation of 0.3 grams is allowed. In addition, for tournament purposes, the table tennis balls must comply with the requirements and regulations of the International Table Tennis Association, ITTF Rules. These rules include the color, which allows only a dull white or a matte orange. All other table tennis balls are not allowed, but for amateur athletes this will of course be different again. There are different colors, but the balls are then worked very carefully. Because professionals and amateur athletes know no mercy, since the Table tennis ball just with the most important thing in this game is. Of course, a good racket is part of it, but without a good ball, the game is not really going to work. Therefore, should not only be paid to the price, but also whether the Table tennis ball the ITTF rules. So it can be guaranteed that these are really very good. Because, of course, many amateur athletes not only play for pleasure, but also run their own competitions. Some even take their hobby extremely serious, which then a bad one Table tennis ball more than just annoying.

Table tennis balls and the different quality levels
Some people are not really aware of this, but also table tennis balls are subject to quality levels. These are of course not only important in tournaments, but also in private games. A table tennis ball can take up to 170 km / h ride, which then many drivers can only dream. But this is where the problem often lies, because bad balls then deform too much. Therefore, there are strict rules to avoid this. Therefore, the table tennis ball may only deform by 25% on impact. To ensure that this quality is maintained, the balls are regularly tested and controlled. But there is another difference in whether the table tennis ball is for training purposes or suitable for a tournament. These quality levels are therefore divided into three stars, with balls may only be used with three stars in competitions. The lower quality level is therefore also used as training balls, which is then often recorded on the package. Who plays table tennis in his free time and always wants to have the best balls, of course, should pay attention to which table tennis balls he buys. The best are those balls that are made for competitions. Of course, these are accordingly expensive, but it is also cheaper here. There are table tennis balls that have been taken out of production for competitions. These either do not correspond to the roundness, mass or hardness, so that they can then be obtained cheaply. For training, these are still enough, which also make many associations.

One and two star balls barely exist
Since there was only a very low demand, these balls are now also offered as training balls. So these can also be bought quietly, as they still have to meet high requirements. However, this also applies to inferior celluloid, so a table tennis ball may not have a long life. However, these are not really expensive to buy, above all, there are always several balls in one package. Because such a ball can quickly disappear once, or land on the neighboring property. Dogs and cats also love these balls because they will jump so well. Cats are true artists here, because the table tennis ball always bounces around so nicely, which is fun then.

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