10 Best Swimming Belts of 2018

  • Maximum Waist Size:SM (38"), MED (48"), LG (67")
  • Fully adjustable nylon belt holds securely and comfortably...
  • Provides lumbar support and vertical balance in water, great...
  • Premium watersports belt
  • Good quality, economy-minded
  • one-strap ski belt
  • Office Product
  • Water Gear
  • Constructed of chlorine-resistant foam
  • Ideal for cross-training and can also be used as a tool for...
  • Adjustable waist belt features quick-release button
  • Material: EVA
  • Size:approx.62*22*2.5cm
  • Color:blue, red, yellow
  • Maximum Waist Size:SM (38"), MED (48"), LG (67")
  • Fully adjustable nylon belt holds securely and comfortably...
  • Provides lumbar support and vertical balance in water, great...
  • 🏊‍ COMFORTABLE AND SAFETY - Back Float Feature...
  • One swim resistance belt includes one waist belt, one...
  • Waist belt is wrapped with neoprene, which brings you...
  • one bungee cord is 2 meters (6.5 FEET)long, The cord is...
  • Office Product
  • Water Gear
  • Popular aquatic training aid to build strength and endurance
  • Soft neoprene foam for extreme comfort and quick drying
  • Adjustable belt with easy on and off clip, fits up to 56"...

Swimming Belt Guide

What is a swimming belt?

On Swimming Belts is a belt, which is provided with several buoyancy bodies. In most cases, these buoyancy bodies are made of styrofoam. The Swimming Belts For example, you can make it narrower by removing a section of the buoyant body. It should be noted, however, that in the belt still enough buoyancy bodies are present, so that the child can hold over water.

Furthermore, there are the Swimming Belts also in an inflatable version. This particular type of Swimming Belts is often used by teenagers or adults who want to exercise swimming. It should also be noted here that the buoyancy bodies of this swimming belt consist of one part.

What do the buoyancy bodies do?

As the name suggests, the buoyancy causes a buoyancy, so that the child or the adult is stable in the water. You do not have to worry about going down. Even if you are with the Swimming Belts Stable in the water, it is important that the child keeps his head above water.

What should be considered before buying the swimming belt?

It is important to pay attention to the size of the swimming belt when buying a swimming belt. The size of the swimming belt depends on your body weight and your child’s height. The swimming belt must be as close as possible to the stomach of your child or adult so that it can not slip under your arms while swimming. It is recommended that you read through exactly the descriptions of the respective swimming belt to get the right model for yourself or for the child.

What are the advantages of swimming belts?

The swimming belts can be individually adjusted in size, so that you can continue to use this swimming belt, even if the child is grown. Furthermore, the swimming belt provides the child / adult optimal arm and legroom, so that it can freely perform the swimming movements.

A special plus point are the individually removable buoyancy bodies. So you can adjust the swimming belt to the swimming performance of the child and minimize the buoyancy by removing a buoyancy body.

It should also be emphasized that your child gets a sense of security through the swimming belt, even if gradually more and more buoyant bodies are removed as it can always swim better.

Are there any disadvantages with the swimming belts?

It is very important to make sure that the swimming belt is not suitable for teaching your child how to swim, as your child with the swimming belt is not in the correct position on the water to properly learn to swim. Your child should attend a swimming class to learn the movements properly. The swimming belt gives your child a great sense of security and therefore self-confidence while swimming outside the swimming course.

Infants are at risk of not being able to keep their heads properly up so that they can get their heads underwater as the buoyancy of a swimming belt is further back.


If you are looking for one floatfor yourself or your child, which does not restrict the freedom of movement of both arms and legs, a swimming belt can be highly recommended. For children, a styrofoam model is recommended in which the buoyancy bodies are made up of several sections. If you are looking for a swimming belt for teenagers or adults, an inflatable swimming belt is recommended.

If you look around and inquire, you will surely find just the right model for the child. It must also be noted urgently that the swimming belt is not attached too tight or too loose, otherwise the swimming belt causes nothing at all.

Even if your child uses the swimming belt and can already swim, it is recommended that you never let your child swim unattended. Because it could be dangerous just at the beginning because of any arising uncertainties of your child.

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