10 Best stirrup of 2018

  • Leather reinforced stirrups. Fleece lined with wool felt...
  • Suede black leather in the rubbing area
  • 4 Layers padded on seat for comfort
  • Durable nylon and leather
  • Easy to use
  • Turns stirrup to correct position to alleviate ankle and...
  • JT International
  • Misc.
  • ERS
  • Misc.
  • Comes in two sizes: 2.5 inch or 3 inch
  • Relieve unnecessary pain in your knees and hips while you...
  • Allows your feet to rest in a more natural position
  • Top quality, Amish made in the USA
  • Premium Veg Tanned Leather
  • Stainless Steel Buckles
  • Durable and tough stirrups
  • 3D swivel action treads
  • Relieves tension on knees and ankles
  • JT International
  • Misc.
  • Misc.
  • 4"
  • Silver
  • The outside of the stirrup is longer than the inside to...

Stirrup Leathers Guide

Stirrup leathers are worn on saddleattached. You have to bear the weight of the rider and endure heavy loads. stirrup are available in different lengths and widths. The beltare made of various materials and have different qualities. When buying from stirrup The user should pay attention to a good quality of the belt and take into account other important details.

What are the requirements for a high quality product?
Safe riding means intact stirrup , Particularly sturdy models are advantageous for riders who put a lot of stress on their stirrup straps due to their fast terrain and frequent jumping. These types of stirrup are characterized by a special combination of materials that withstands high weight and does not allow the strap straps to stretch so much. The stirrup must fit exactly in length. Too short straps are unusable because they can not be adjusted to the appropriate length. By contrast, too long stirrup leathers hinder the horse, because the straps can hit the flank with every step and scrub the horse’s leg. Important for the use and function of the belts is also the quality of the metal parts. The buckles must not be sharp-edged and must fit well into the recesses provided. A small guide on the buckles allows the mandrel automatically find the right recess and not wobble when riding. The function is very advantageous when adjusting the belt length from the saddle. The correct position of the buckle is another feature of a product that satisfies horse and rider. It should not hinder horse or rider when used in the field or in the hall.

Different production materials decide on the quality of your rider accessories
The most traditional and well-known material for the production of stirrup leathers is leather. When it comes to quality, there are huge differences even with leather belts. Often, inferior products are not as durable as the items from the higher price range. The production material is less supple and leads to unpleasant pressure points in horse and rider. Frequently in the tanning agent of inferior equestrian accessories Chrom III is included. Sensitive horses and riders react with allergies to this ingredient in leather tanning. The good workmanship and high life expectancy of the strap are also features of a solid horse riding product. Clean punched holes, straight-cut straps are just as much a customer’s expectation as the straight and well-finished seams on the stirrup leathers. Articles made of prestretched cowhide can be loaded high and often without great loss in length expansion.
Stirrup leathers with nylon inserts combine many advantages of a modern strap. The extra small hole spacing allows a more accurate length adjustment of the bracket. The nylon products inside and soft leather on the outside are particularly cuddly and thin in design. Plastic-backed models are dimensionally stable and stretch-resistant. Synthetic straps are easy to clean with water.

Which stirrup leather suits me and my riding style?
A torn strap strap can lead to serious accidents. The good quality of the product is therefore a top priority. The production material of the stirrup belt was designed to withstand high continuous loads and not to expand excessively even after frequent use. In practice, strap straps have proven that are not too stiff. Products made of soft materials can be easily installed between the bracket and the saddle and do not press during exercise. The buckle of the strap should also meet certain requirements. Is it smooth and has no sharp edges, the bracket can be installed quickly and does not scrub.

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