10 Best Soccer of 2018

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  • Three pack of solid full-coverage sport bras featuring...
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  • Ventilated climacool keeps you cool and dry
  • 30" inseam (size Medium); slim fit
  • Drawcord on elastic waist; mesh insert below back waist
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  • 3 pack of full coverage sport bras

Soccer Guide

Football is a ball game that originated in England at the end of the 19th century and has since become one of the most popular team sports in the world. Many children and adolescents are dreaming of becoming a famous football star. Soccer is not a sport that is only suitable for young people, but this ball sport brings together people of different ages. Who has decided to Soccer However, playing requires a suitable basic football equipment to keep the risk of injury as low as possible.

Criteria to be taken into account when putting together basic football equipment

A functional basic football equipment consists of suitable footballs, studs, football boots. Shin guards, necks, goalkeeper gloves, jerseys and tracksuits.

Regardless of whether just for fun at leisure or in a club Soccer played should always be played with a ball designed for each age group. These are offered by the manufacturers of three different sizes. These sizes are soccer balls for teens and adults, footballs for older children, and footballs for toddlers.

Teenagers and adults balls are suitable for teens from the age of 14 years. These balls are footballs of the 5, for example the product adidas Predator Glider Soccer , Typically, these footballs weigh between 410 and 450 grams and have a circumference between 68 and 70 centimeters.

Size 4 medium sized footballs, for example the product adidas Boys Soccer Euro16 J290, designed for children between the ages of eight and twelve. Such a ball usually brings a weight between 350 to 390 grams on the scales and has a circumference between 63.5 to 66 centimeters.

Size 3 footballs, such as the Puma Evopower Lite 3 290 G football, are the smallest balls on the market so far. They were designed for children under the age of eight. These balls usually weigh between 320 and 370 grams. The ball circumference is about 62 cm.

In addition, the football must be selected to match whether you want to play on artificial turf or on natural grass. In addition to balls for athletic competition manufacturers also called training balls, such as the product adidas football Torfabrik 2016 Top Training. The football must be high quality processed. Particularly high-quality balls are sewn by hand with five times yarn strength. Some manufacturers reinforce the seams with Kevlar.

The personal football equipment

To be able to play football in leagues, footballers must wear soccer shoes that are suitable for every kind of playing surface and weather, equipped with suitable cleats. The studs are therefore checked before the game begins to prevent injury to the wearer and the opponent. For beginners football boots with chilled cast iron are well suited, such as the model Puma Esito Classico FG men’s football boots. Experienced footballers, on the other hand, should opt for football boots with removable cleats, such as the football boots adidas Kaiser 5 Cup Men. Indoor shoes have been specially designed for playing on the sensitive flooring in sports halls and are therefore not equipped with studs. Turf shoes have been specially optimized for use on synthetic turf. They are usually equipped with a hard rubber sole to ensure optimum grip on artificial turf. Furthermore, the footballer must decide between genuine leather and synthetic leather.

Furthermore, functional clothing is mandatory. The basic equipment consists of jerseys, tracksuits, goalkeeper gloves, football socks, socks and shin guards. Clubs usually provide their players with jerseys, and mares Tracksuitsavailable in the club colors on loan. However, this should not deter an ambitious footballer from wearing a jersey of his favorite club from home or abroad on suitable occasions. When buying socks, socks and shin guards, make sure that they sit like a glove.

Goalkeepers also need high-quality goalkeeper gloves, such as the adidas Men’s Goalkeeper Gloves Ace Zones Fingersave Allround. Further manufacturers of high-quality goalkeeper gloves are the renowned companies Umbro and Reusch. When choosing goalkeeper gloves, it is important to pay attention to the design of the palm of the hand. Well-equipped latex palms, for example, increase the life expectancy of the goalkeeper gloves, but at the same time reduce the grip.

The Shin guardsare selected according to the personal playing position. Defenders need stronger protection than strikers. Offensive players should opt for shin guards, which also provide support for their hocks.

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