10 Best sled of 2018

  • 3 sleds included
  • Made with heavy duty, slick-coated flex plastic & coated...
  • Built in dual grip handles
  • Paricon
  • 826T
  • NEW
  • Paricon
  • Misc.
  • Your classic one person plastic sled with built-in handles
  • Durable plastic sled for hours of fun
  • Measures 35" long perfect for one rider
  • Paricon
  • Misc.
  • Made in the USA
  • Constructed with durable plastic
  • Built-in handles
  • Sports
  • 3-pack of round plastic saucer sleds, Colors may Vary
  • Cold-resistant PVC surface glides smoothly
  • Molded-in handgrips for holding tight
  • 3 sleds included
  • Made with heavy duty, slick-coated flex plastic & coated...
  • Built in dual grip handles
  • For "snowboarding" on Snow, Grass, or even Sand Dunes!...
  • Ride it like a scooter on flat, smooth surfaces such snow,...
  • The adjustable-height handle helps maintain balance and...

Sled guide

The sledge: In winter even the big ones become children again. In the white winter landscape there is nothing better than constantly with the sled to sled down the mountain. Father and son, brother and sister and friends meet to spend unforgettable afternoons on the toboggan run.

The first sledge runners in the sand

Originally the sled not meant for pleasure. Hardly anyone will suspect the origin in Iraq. In the Temple Uruk a so-called „loop“ was used, which is considered today as one of the oldest transport equipment in the world. However, the oldest sledge skids, which make the transporter a really fast vehicle, were found in Finland. These are impressively from the Mesolithic period around 6000 BC! The Egyptians also used in the construction of pyramids sled similar constructions, with which the huge stones were transported. The 9th century brought a turnaround: From now on, the sled not only used on the hot sand, but also in the snow.

A cold spell provides ingenuity

In 16./17. Century hit Europe a long cold spell. And exactly this provided plenty of ingenuity, because now not only in the mountainous regions Hörnerschlitten were used for the transport of wood and hay, but also in the lowlands. The first toboggan run, at which the sled finally used for fun, discovered the Russian aristocrats. Then King Ludwig II did not hesitate to take a sledge through the Bavarian winter landscape. It became sporty thanks to the Swiss. The first toboggan run was built in Davos, Switzerland in 1879. Even then, the English enjoyed crazy ideas and organized the first sled race on an international basis a few years later.

The sled for the pure pleasure

To date, the sledge has become the most beautiful companion in the winter time. Probably every child will eventually learn the pleasure of being on the sled. As a gift, a sledge is always welcome, because the eyes will glow with joy. Sporty sleds also promote the balance of the child. Seated and equipped with two grab handles, the BIG Children’s Snow Snow Speedy is ideal for the first toboggan trials on the hillside. Absolute winter fun, which can be stowed well with little space in the trunk.

Sporting down the mountain!

And so today there are the fiery sports sleds. With the KHW Snow Fox Plastic tobogganthe little ones have a lot of fun. The processed plastic carriage has a steering wheeland makes little boys become big heroes on the toboggan run. Two children can even sled on this TÜV-approved sledge, as it can carry up to 75 kg. If you love it even faster, you can rely on the STIGA sledge Skibob Black Line, 73-4112-40. This steering carriage is made of a lightweight metal frame and has high-quality runners, which ensure optimum gliding ability in the snow. Also from the TÜV-tested is the sledding fun in winter so nothing in the way!
The classic among the sleds we know is certainly the wooden sled. Also known as Impag® toboggans, the little ones enjoy the moments when they are pulled through the snow by their father and mother. This wooden sled can be extended with a backrest, so that even the little ones share in this pleasure.

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