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  • 8mm Tungsten Ring Beveled Edge Satin Finish Zircon
  • Genuine Tungsten Carbide and Cobalt Free, Nickle...
  • Includes a Free Elegant Jewelry box for best presentation...
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Steckridge guidebook

Even today, fishing is a very popular hobby. Where the anglers used to go with wooden rods, today there is a large selection of different fishing rods with the most modern materials, such as: Glass and carbon fiber. These leave the fishing rodbecome lighter and more resistant. In addition, their life is increased by a lot. Especially for fly fishing and lovers still spliced ​​fishing rods are used. But how is a fishing rod constructed and what is there anyway?

Construction of a fishing rod

1st end cap:
This is used to protect the inside of a hollow fishing rod and is made of plastic, cork or metal.
2nd hand part:
Differences here are depending on the length between the one-handed and the two-handed rod. With the handpiece, the fishing rod is held and thrown.
3. roll holder:
This is intended for fixing the role and is attached to the newer rods by means of screws.
4. hook holder:
This is hung for the transport of the rod and should never be hung on the rings, as they can be damaged otherwise.
5. Rings:
The rings have the names guide ring, guide rings and tip / end ring from bottom to top. Through this, the fishing lineguided. The rings are made of ceramic and often require inspection. If these are damaged, this can lead to whining. Depending on the application, different ring designs are used, since the largest forces act on the end ring during drilling.
– light tail: Einstegering
– stable rod, plug-in or telescopic rod: Zweigerigering
– Telescopic rod: bridge ring
– Fly rod: snake ring
– for big fish: roller ring
– surf rod: folding ring

Types of fishing rod

Over time, different types of rods were developed depending on the species, waters and fishing technique. It is important for an angler to use the right fishing rod.
There are the following types of rods:
– basic rod
– Feeder rod
– carp rod
– spinning rod
– Angle picker
– Sbirolinorute
– Trigger Rod
– Match rod
– Stipp / Pole Rod
– surf rod
– Bolognese Rod
– Boat rod
– Pilgrim groove
– One-handed and two-handed fly rod
– Telescopic rod

What is a stake?

Since today most fishing rods have a length of several meters, they must be used for transport and transport storagebe downsized. A Sectioned To solve this problem divided into several segments of 80 – 200 cm. As they become thinner toward the tip, they can be assembled very easily and quickly in the correct order and with the help of tightly fitting sleeves. As a result, the transport length is shortened to the length of the respective segments under one. In contrast to Telescopic RodIs at the Sectioned the resilience and the action relatively well. Although often used at the time of the catch rods, it took a long time until here too carbon fiber material was used for production. Because of and the fact that the wearing comfort and the storage is better than with the Sectioned , was increasingly resorting to the telescopic rod. Since then, however, in the Sectioned Carbon fiber is used in the manufacture, more and more anglers put back on the stake. This is due to the price development, as well as the high quality connectors and the high stability. But it is also back in vogue, as the anglers especially want a durable fishing rod.
Basically, it is recommended when buying rods, this locally and best done at the fishing dealer. Even if the price there is significantly higher than the online shop, a purchase at the fishing company brings many benefits. So can be checked at the time of purchase plug connections, weight and action. But even if a repair or a warranty case occurs, it is better to do so on site.

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