10 Best Saddle Cover of 2018

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  • DURABLE DESIGN - this saddle cover is made from a durable,...
  • PROTECTS YOUR SADDLE - this cover protects your saddle from...
  • WATERPROOF - our saddle covers are waterproof, meaning that...
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  • Color Black Nylon
  • Covers Saddle and Fenders
  • Keeps Western Saddles dust and Dirt Free
  • Best gel material: You cannot enjoy your bicycle leisure...
  • Enjoy longer riding: Explore new grounds and enjoy longer...
  • Easy Installation: Easy to mount, low cost solution will...
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  • Centaur Equestrian Apparel
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Saddle cover guide

The bicycle is a daily companion for many people. Whether on the way to work or simply for the daily sport after the stressful everyday life. The bike needs a lot of care and care in order to be able to provide the necessary comfort during the ride even after years. And the right equipment must have this, so that longer tours fun. This is especially true for the saddle, Because only if this is comfortable, can also handle long trips. But it does not always have to be a complete replacement of the existing saddle needed. Because today there is also the possibility of a high-quality Saddle Cover use. But this not only has the function to increase the comfort of driving. What features does a modern one have? Saddle Cover from today? Which one Saddle Cover is the right bike for which bike? And what should be considered if possible, if a new one Saddle Cover to be bought?

Which functions does a modern one fulfill? Saddle Cover today?
Basically, a modern saddle cover today fulfills two functions: On the one hand, the already briefly mentioned comfort, and on the other hand, the important protection.
Most saddle covers that are on the market today score with a soft padding and a pleasant cover. As a result, the comfort while driving can be significantly increased. Especially the additional padding makes more than clearly noticeable on short as well as on long distances. Until now, after a long ride, your butt still hurt from long sitting, this can be effectively reduced by a high-quality saddle cover. At the same time, the pleasantly soft material that surrounds the cover contributes to increased comfort during the ride.
The second function, namely protection, is very important in bad weather. Because the Satte usually has a sensitive foam padding or high-quality models also made of gel. Moisture and permanent rain can quickly damage this upholstery. Accordingly, if the bicycle is exposed to rain or otherwise moisture, a saddle cover should be used. This prevents moisture from getting into the saddle at all. Protection against cold or high temperatures as well as direct sunlight can also be guaranteed with a saddle cover. Especially in the summer, the sensitive surface of the saddle can quickly be damaged by the mentioned influences. Again, a saddle cover can help to prevent this.

What should be considered when buying?
Whether in one of the many online shops or directly in the specialist shop, the selection of saddle covers has increased significantly. However, this is also necessary, because after all, today there are also a variety of saddles for the bike. From the sporty model, the MTB or on the racerUse is made, up to the comfortable and wide saddle on the touring bike, which is ideal for long and comfortable tours. Important when buying is that you pay attention to choose a cover that fits perfectly and thus holds securely on the saddle. If this is not the case, there is a risk of slippage while driving, the comfort and protection can of course no longer be guaranteed. It is particularly helpful if the saddle cover can be tried out shortly before the actual purchase. This can be quite possible, especially with a purchase in the specialist shop.

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