10 Best riding helmet of 2019

  • 2 snap-in liners made with hi-tech, fast drying cool-on...
  • Maximum ventilation ports to keep the rider cool
  • Approved by current sei and ASTM standard testing
  • Lightweight and low-profile
  • Easy-adjust dial for a snug fit
  • Rubberized finish
  • Dial-fit System
  • Flex tip visor
  • New low profile, full coverage design
  • Attached visor
  • Super-cooling vents
  • Durable, lightweight construction
  • 2 snap-in liners made with hi-tech, fast drying cool-on...
  • Maximum ventilation ports to keep the rider cool
  • Approved by current sei and ASTM standard testing
  • Matte duratec/gloss finish
  • Gps II dial fit system
  • Mesh covered vents
  • Gps II dial fit system
  • Mesh covered vents
  • Removable washable headliner
  • Surefit Pro
  • Matte duratec finish
  • Mesh-covered vents
  • Impact Absorption: Lightweight high density ABS material...
  • Retention & Stability: Contoured drop back shell and...
  • Ventilation: Functioning top and rear vents for high...

Riding helmet guidebook

He is essential for equestrian sports: The riding helmet , It provides safety and protection for the head, our most important part of the body, while still looking stylish. The look is not everything. When buying, it should be ensured that the helmet sits perfectly on the head and provides adequate ventilation. Some models have integrated sophisticated ventilation systems. So it is always ensured that no heat buildup under the cap and the rider can always keep a cool head. An optimally seated, leather-lined or foam-lined and well-closable carrying strap is one of the safest riding helmet also to. It is ideal if this is also infinitely adjustable. The hard and stable outer shell – the heart of the riding helmet – is also essential. It protects not only from falls in the high horseback but also from hoof kicks.

Although some riding helmets and riding caps are very hot especially in the summer, a ride should never take place without this protective consideration for the head. After all, a fall from a horse without protective clothing and on hard ground can even be fatal. Since the riding helmet but the head so protects, he is also an alternative for the Bicycle helmetor as a ski helmet. After all, he has to meet the same standards as other sports helmets.
To help with the purchase, for example, the TÜV and the GS seal should be respected. But customer recessions can also make the purchase decision easier.

Also the size of the riding helmet must fit. For this purpose, the head circumference should be measured by an expert to avoid measurement errors. Fine adjustments are then made using foam inserts.

Individual riding helmets from Casco, Kerbl or Caldene

Riding Helmets are available in different versions. Depending on the purpose, there are, for example, the head protectionfor jumping and recreational riding or for dressage or hunting. They differ only minimally. Nevertheless, the intended use should also be considered for the right choice.

The best known and still most popular are black, simple yet stylish models that have not gone out of style for several centuries. For more individuality can be put on a different color, motifs or ornaments with Swarovsky stones. Here your own wishes can be given free rein.

The most popular and best models include, for example, the Casco riding helmets Mistrall, the Kerbl riding helmet Carbonic or the Caldene Reiterhelm Prestige. These riding helmets and riding caps are available as models for children and adults as well as in different colors. It is also important that the riding helmet Rain stops and does not soften after a small shower. This is the only way horseback riding in different weather conditions is fun. A good riding helmet must therefore sit optimally and comfortably on the head, provide adequate ventilation and also consist of a waterproof and robust outer material, so that the enjoyment of the selected model is retained for a long time.

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