10 Best Punching Bag of 2018

  • Freestanding training bag
  • Choose from available colors
  • 8 height adjustments ranging from 47-68-in.
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  • Freestanding training bag
  • Choose from available colors
  • 8 height adjustments ranging from 47-68-in.
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Punching bag guidebook

Punching bag is not the same Punching Bag – but in (almost) every case a very good training for boxers and also people who want a special kind of cardio and strength training. This guide informs you about the essential characteristics that should be considered before or when buying a boxing bag!

Criterion # 1: the size

The correct size of the punching bag depends on the purpose. Beginners, who want to do with the sack mainly punch training, should buy a smaller model (about 80 centimeters), which takes less space and is not so difficult. Basically, the bigger the Punching Bag the harder it is to make him swing. Advanced and professionals are therefore well advised with larger bags. Become Punching Bag would also like to use for kickboxing, chooses best about a 120 centimeters large version.

Criterion # 2: the weight

The weight is directly related to the size. As a rule of thumb, you can remember that the bigger the bag, the heavier it is. Of course heavier punching bags mean more effort for the athlete. Besides the size, the filling also determines the weight of the bag.

Criterion # 3: the filling

The filling of the punching bag fulfills (in the truest sense) two functions: On the one hand, it gives the bag a decent weight and on the other hand, it ensures the respectively desired elasticity of the sports equipment. In plain English: Some fillers do that Punching Bag soft, others hard. Possible fillings are:

– fabric scraps
– Leather scraps
– Foam or plastic granules
– sand or water (rare)

In the meantime, mainly fabric or leather remains are used to fill the punching bag. Sand used to be the number one filler, but is now rarely used.

Tip: When buying choose between pre-filled and empty punching bags. The latter must be self-filled, which has the advantage that you can customize both the filling material and its quantity individually.

Criterion # 4: the material

In addition to the filling, of course, the material of the punching bag itself plays an important role – especially with regard to the durability of the sports equipment. The following are mainly used:

– leather
– Leatherette
– Material
– Nylon

The best are genuine and artificial leather. Both materials present themselves so robust that even the most energetic kicks hardly leave any marks on the punching bags. Artificial leather acts as the optimal solution. It is not only durable, but also gives the athlete a pleasant feeling. In addition, it looks like real leather, but costs less than the same. Only moderately recommendable is a Punching Bag made of fabric – due to the fragility of the material and the fact that it runs counter to the special „boxing feel“. All in all, of course, decide the personal preferences.

Criterion # 5: the processing

The processing is also an essential criterion for the quality of a punching bag. It primarily requires the robustness and durability. But what exactly is meant by the processing? The number and type of seams.

a) Number of seams: A punching bag has one or more seams. Rule of thumb: In general, the less seams he has, the more stable a bag is and thus the better the quality.

b) Type of seam or seams: Each seam should be duplicated if possible.

Also important is an ingenious attachment of the suspension on the punching bag. A double seam and additional stabilization in the form of rivets are signs of good quality. The attachment itself ideally consists of welded chain links. Only by welding it is ensured that chain links can not be bent. A punching bag, which has shortcomings in this regard, should be left to the left.


The trade holds many different types of punching bags ready. When choosing the most suitable model for your individual needs, you should analyze several characteristics of charkatics: size, weight, filling, sack material and processing. By examining these features, the perfect punching bag can be found in no time. By the way: you should never be without adequate glovestrain – this could result in bad injuries. In this respect, you can order punching bag and boxing gloves together!

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