10 Best Pony saddle of 2018

  • Color Padded Stitched Seat
  • Colored Accent Trim
  • Padded Stirrups
  • 1 inch multi-felt scalloped bottom
  • Wear leathers provide protection from rubbing
  • Pony saddle pad measures 23" x 23"
  • Made of durable, high-quality leather
  • Traditionally styled raised browband and cavesson
  • Choose from available color and size options
  • Beautiful Brown Western Saddle
  • Weight - 10 lbs (approx.)
  • Wood Tree
  • D.A. Brand
  • Misc.
  • DECORATIVE - Your horse will stand apart with the Stainless...
  • 2 Year Limited Tree Warranty - Tree: Full Quarter Horse...
  • Weight - 6 lbs (approx.)
  • Beautiful Toddler Western Saddle
  • Beautiful print!
  • Sized for our smaller equines
  • Made in the USA for children!
  • Made of durable, high-quality leather
  • Traditionally styled raised browband and cavesson
  • Choose from available color and size options

Pony Saddle Guide

Pony Saddle Guide

Riding is one of the most beautiful pastimes with an animal. You can do something together with this and get into nature as well as do sports. It is important that you fulfill your own demands, and those of the animal, so that the horse stays healthy and you enjoy riding for a long time. For this to be the case, the horse is not only dependent on an extensive and appropriate care, but also on a suitable housing and equipment. The equipment includes a variety of things, but some of which also differ by what form of riding is to be exercised. In any case, however, is a high quality saddlethe most important and at the same time most expensive part of the equipment. So that no bad buy is made here, you should definitely deal with this topic extensively in advance. Although the requirements for a saddle are basically always the same, however, each individual rider and each individual horse is different. This fact makes it necessary to choose the saddle adapted to both because it represents a kind of link that must fit perfectly. Alone due to the size of the animal, must be at one Pony saddle a little more attention to the right fit.

saddle types

As for big horses, will be Pony saddle divided into a number of different types. There are eventing saddles, dressage saddles, work saddles, jumping saddles, as well as saddles with and without tree. In addition, there is a whole range of other saddles that are specifically designed for certain, but not yet widely used riding styles. According to the planned tasks for the animal also the saddle must be selected. An unsuitable saddle can not only be tricky to work with the horse in the desired way, or simply sit comfortably on a long ride. For the leisure sector in particular the saddle is the right type of saddle. Originally it was developed to work with the horse in different riding styles for a very long time. Of course, such a saddle can still be used today, but this is no longer its main task. The focus of use is the saddle when riding as a pure pastime for pleasure. This saddle type simply has the advantage that it is more comfortable than other saddles. While it is on many saddles on a solid Kontagt to horse, the main focus on the saddle for hours of comfort. Even when choosing between a saddle with a saddle without a tree, the decision depends on the planned goals. Basically saddles with tree are to be preferred. Saddles with a tree have the advantage that they better retain their position without slipping and they offer a much better weight distribution, which is especially pleasant for the horse.

The right size

When looking for the right size, it depends on the size of the horse as well as the rider. It is important for the rider that the seat is big enough. If the seat is too small, the rider sits too far back and pushes the rear edge of the saddle in the back of the animal by the uneven distribution of weight. If the saddle is too big, the rider is also not stable enough and can only communicate and interact inadequately with the animal. For the right size, however, plays at one Pony saddle especially a role, what the animal needs. To find the right saddle, pay attention to the height of the withers, the width of the back, the width of the crest, the length, its curvature, and the shoulder blade, and someone with experience will be asked for his opinion.

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