10 Best Men’s breeches of 2018

  • Knee Patch
  • 4 Way stretch cotton-spandex knit fabric
  • Synthetic micro-suede knee patches for excellent grip
  • Plush elastic, reinforced waistband
  • Designed for the male rider
  • Made w with a cotton and spandex blended material
  • Extremely comfortable yet durable
  • Designed for the male rider
  • Made with durable spandex material
  • Extra features make for the perfect pair of breeches
  • These stylish flat-front breeches are made from high...
  • The outer fabric of the breeches is treated with Teflon to...
  • Known for durability
  • Made with spandex material for stretch
  • Unique detailing
  • UltraGrip faux suede seat
  • Also available on breeches are four pockets and belt loops
  • Machine Washable
  • Knee Patch
  • Offers comfort and elegance.
  • Flaunts a simple, traditional design and is crafted to...
  • Minimalistic design is enhanced by knee patches, which...
  • Designed for the male rider
  • Made w with a cotton and spandex blended material
  • Extremely comfortable yet durable

Men’s breeches guide

A jodhpursis an indispensable garment for riders. In the women’s and men’s breeches are offered and there are of course also suitable models for children. The breeches are not normal pants and have special properties.

What is special about a breeches?

When wearing a Men’s breeches the rider benefits from optimal freedom of movement. The special pants are very sturdy and abrasion resistant and have a cut suitable for riding. The breeches are made of an elastic material and this is characterized by the necessary freedom of movement. On the inside of the leg there is an additional reinforcement (trimming). This reliably prevents chafing in direct contact with the saddle. In addition to the material, the trimming and the fit play the most important roles.

Trim & fit are especially important

In general, a distinction is made between 2 different types of trimming: full trimming and knee patches. Some riders prefer one Men’s breeches made of fabric with knee leather. Such pants ensure a very large freedom of movement. But there are also riders who prefer full-seat pants, because they offer significantly more support. Leather, synthetic leather and synthetic fiber are used as materials for the stocking. Generally speaking, the trim protects the buttocks and the fabric and also ensures a good grip.

Based on the fit the breeches can be easily distinguished from each other in the trade. There are the so-called Stiefelreithosen and these are very close to the legs. Boots breeches are usually worn only with boots. Jodhpur pants are further cut in direct comparison and can also be worn with ankle boots or normal boots. If there is no indication of the fit, then it is usually a boot breeches.

What features should the breeches have?

A breeches must offer the riders on the one hand enough freedom of movement and on the other must sit optimally. The fabric should not wrinkle. Sitting the breeches too tight, then it limits the freedom of movement on the back of the horse and this leads to a crooked and stiff seat Men’s breeches But it should not be too far. In such a case, it causes an unpleasant friction and can cause sores on the skin. In addition, the seams can rub while riding. That’s why the Men’s breeches always ordered one size larger. Ideally, the pants close just above the ankle.

What needs to be bought when buying a Men’s breeches get noticed?

A breeches should not only fulfill their important function, they should also be fashionable. In combination with the horse, different designs and colors always look good. Most important when buying the pants is the material. This should be as elastic as possible, so that the rider has as much room for maneuver as necessary. Breathable and dirt-repellent fabrics are definitely an advantage, these make the breeches easy to clean and robust. The stocking should take the tabs before buying the pants in any case carefully under the microscope. This fulfills a very important role and ensures a tight fit.

Buyers have the choice between the proven full leather breeches and the pants with knee patch. In addition to these two types, there are now also pants with silicone trim. These are a great alternative and enjoy great popularity. Which style of dressing is best depends on the buyer’s personal preferences and riding style. Generally, the men’s breeches should fulfill their important function and sit well. The look remains as in many other garments here a matter of taste. Thanks to the wide selection of fabrics, colors and designs, there is a matching men’s breeches for every taste.

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