10 Best marching compass of 2019

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Marching compass guide

Of the marching compass

On marching compass is a small pocket compass which, thanks to its handy size, is easy to stow away. Such a compassis suitable for all outdoor fans or hikers who like to move in the wild. With a marching compass the direction of the compass is determined. North, East, South or West are, so to speak, the bearing directions that can be read off here. But also vertical and horizontal angles, as well as the own location can be determined by means of special measuring methods. With a compass, however, no angles but directions are determined. Here are two directions give an angle. To precisely determine a direction, you always need a reference direction. In general, the north and thus the origin, which is always denoted by 0 Grand.

Different versions

Such a pocket or marching compass indicates the north direction in the terrain. The directions are always measured in a clockwise direction, whereby the own point of view is the turning point. The respective angle is determined from north to the destination point. In most cases, and also in the military, the directions are measured in degrees. When we talk about a commercial compass, we are talking about a magnetic compass that is very useful for orientation in the field and is designed for our regions. Of course, be under the category marching compass many different models offered for sale. From simple entry-level models to professional variants, the offers are sufficient. For geological purposes, terrain inclinometers, inclinometers and special mirrors or bearing compasses are used with an unbeatable reading accuracy.

The GWHOLE Military Marching Compass

Among the professional models in this category is the GWHOLE Military Marching Compass. This compass comes with bag and is suitable for all outdoor activities. This model is sturdy, sturdy, handy, waterproof and shockproof. The precise compass is characterized by its excellent readability and is equipped with hinged lid. It is also liquid-damped and fluorescent. The two rulers on the edge are for topographical maps. But also the practical carrying loop and a small bag for the beltmake this model.

The Dakar K & R Map and Orientation Compass

The K & R Map and Orientation Compass from Dakar delivers what the visual promises. With this device, it is the extra long application card that makes this device an indispensable utensil. The map compass is equipped with a sighting system and equipped with a gemstone storage. In addition, the high-quality fluid capsule with 360 ° wind rose also speaks for value.
This device is a 1: 25,000 and 1: 63,360 hiking map scale.

The TFA Dostmann 42.1004 Marching Compass

Simple or entry-level models include the TFA Dostmann 42.1004 Marching Compass. This compass is easy to operate and handy to use. It is provided with a transparent and oil-filled capsule and covered with a black casing. The practical drawstring also makes the benefits interesting. Last but not least, it is the small dimensions that characterize this compass.

Attractive Sale Offers

Even more compasses are offered for sale under the respective category. There are many different models of well-known manufacturers. The informative and detailed product descriptions can help to make a purchase decision or even prevent a bad buy. A non-binding inspiration of the entire offer is worthwhile here at any time, because even the attractive sale offers can be seen in any case.

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