10 Best Life jacket children of 2018

  • Turns unconscious wearers face up in water
  • Great to have on board for compliance
  • Minimum 15.5lbs of buoyancy
  • US Coast Guard-approved Type V/III life jacket for kids
  • Premium soft woven polyester construction for all-day...
  • Colorful, kid-friendly design
  • Fun, bright and colorful graphics
  • Unique shaped foam back
  • 150 denier poly-twill
  • US Coast guard approved vest - passes highest standard test...
  • Specially designed for a child 30-50 lbs. (13.6Kg-22.7kg)*
  • Performance and durability - nylon construction and epe...
  • US Coast Guard-approved Type V/III life jacket for kids
  • Durable nylon shell
  • Colorful, kid-friendly design
  • For children 30-50 lbs.
  • Durable nylon construction over PE foam
  • Secure 1" webbing
  • US Coast Guard-approved youth life jacket
  • Great for boating, tubing, and swimming
  • Durable nylon construction with PE flotation foam
  • Closed sided vest with ocean inspired graphic
  • Front zipper with waist belt and crotch strap included for...
  • Segmented head rest and grab handle

Life jacket children’s guide

A good alternative to water wings or inflatable lifebuoys is a life jacket. It guarantees a high degree of freedom of movement and is suitable for adults and children. Professional manufacturers include Marinepool, Secumar, Newton, Spinlock and Intersport.

How does a life jacket work?

A life jacket is similar to a jacket without sleeves. Especially for children and swimming beginners, the life jacket brings a significant relief in the first swimming attempts. In addition, it should give the wearer more security. However, the life jacket has no life-saving function. This remains one life jacketreserved for use on ships and sailboats. The material of a life jacket is usually lighter and thinner. Since she no head and headrestInfants may under no circumstances be taken into the water unaccompanied, as the child could tip over and drown. Therefore, a life jacket should always only as floatbe used.

What do you have to consider when buying?

To find the right lifejacket for a child, the chest size and size of the child must be accurately measured. This is best done with a mobile one tape measure, The chest circumference is, as in an adult, set at the highest point of the chest. Pay attention to a horizontal position of the measuring tape.

The vest should be made of neoprene or other materials from the diving scene. Neoprene has the property to protect the waistcoat at temperatures from -45 to +100 degrees. It is extremely important that the material is free of pollutants. Dangerous plasticizers such as phthalates can be detrimental to the child’s still-sensitive skin.

Very important for children’s life jackets are the buoyancy bodies. These are usually the size of Lego bricks. The practical foam blocks should ideally be removable individually. Thus, you can adjust the vest to the level of the child’s swimming. For babies you initially need a lot of floats, so there is enough buoyancy. The more safety the child gets while swimming, the more blocks can be removed. The buoyancy is thus adapted to the skill of the inexperienced swimmer and also supports the learning success.

Summary of the advantages and disadvantages of a life jacket!

The biggest advantage of this form of buoyancy aid is the freedom of movement arm floatsand other inflatable swimming animals or the like does not offer. The children or non-swimmers lose the fear because the buoyancy pads provide a certain security, this supports the learning process and creates self-confidence. For frequent planners and enduring swimmers, the life jacket offers perfect thermal insulation.

The West, however, are not faint-hearted and have no life-saving function. In addition, the west must fit perfectly, otherwise they create uncomfortable pressure points.

Recommendations of well-known manufacturers:

The life jacket Bravo by Secumar received good recessions. This vest comes with reflective strips, flute and headrest. This product is suitable for children between 3 to 11 years.

Another „very good“ received the Sima life jacket by Intersport. The vest is available for children between 2 to 6 years. The filling is made of natural rubber with zipper. The material is soft and has a safety belt in the crotch. Unfortunately, this model has no reflectors.

Testers and customers rated the model Sindbad 9649 by BECO as „good“. It is suitable for children from 2 to 6 years. The vest is adjustable by practical Velcro fasteners and also for young people from 60 kg available. The buoyant blocks are sewn in this model.

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